A Cowboy's Prayer

God? I don't mean to bother you none. It's been a spell since I talked to you last. I reckon I ought to thank you for all you do 'cause this ole cowboy has had quite a past.

I'm gettin' too old to drive these herds. My bones hurt and my temper gets short, but somehow these younger boys need this old man when they get to missin' home and get a little out of sorts.

As I lay here lookin' up at the stars I can't imagine not bein' right here listenin' to the night critters makin' their noise. You're lookin' down on me so I have nothing to fear.

You've been really good to me. You've given me a lot of years to ride these trails. It's fed my family but not made me rich and my youngin's love my tall tales.

I pray you'll guide me along with all these cattle along the way. Let there be plenty of water and feed and keep the wind a gentle breeze and clouds in the sky, 'cause with these things, it's all we really need.

I'm gonna say goodnight for now. I always feel a might better after talkin' with you. Thank you for listening to this old cowboy. And God .... I love you too.

Love and Peace, Barefoot