The Aramaic Prayer To Our Father
"Lord's Prayer"

This wording and pronunciation is the closest that
we know to the form which Jesus spoke.

aboon dabashmaya
Our Father in heaven,

nethkadash shamak
Holy is Thy name.

tetha malkoothak
Your Kingdom is coming,

newe tzevyanak
Your will is being done

aykan dabashmaya
on earth as it is in heaven.

af bara hav lan lakma dsoonkanan
Give us bread for our needs day by day.

yamana washbook lan
Forgive us our offenses

kavine aykana daf
as we have forgiven our offenders.

hanan shabookan lhayavine oolow talahn lanesyana
Do not let us enter into temptation.

ela fatsan men beesha
Deliver us from error.

From: Fr. Dale (Dale A. Johnson)
Formerly in service in Lebanon and Syria
Now in service in the Dominican Republic .
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The Prayer To Our Father

With phonetic spelling and diacritical marking for pronunciation giving a
More Complete Understanding Of The Aramaic Meaning Of The Prayer
To Help Make The Connection To The Higher Power Within.

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A Presentation of the Lord's Prayer written in Aramaic,
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