Right to Keep and Bear Arms
Freedom of Speech, Religion and Press
An Open Letter to All Our Elected Servants and Candidates
And to Each of US,
We the People

This is a message from Barefoot, the Webmaster of this here now Site.

Hello, out there, whoever You might be, You are my well beloved Brother or Sister.

The only reason I got into this thing at all was to try to bring ONE message into the situation.

A message of LOVE and HOPE and PEACE.

At times I feel that I have failed, been misled, been naive and have been used, and at times I am ashamed for myself and for us that "WE THE PEOPLE" have sometimes behaved so badly. But I am very proud that we keep trying to Seek out the Truth, that we might Prosper together in Peace.

I, personally, have always believed that there are NO IDEOLOGICAL Religious or Political solutions in this world to what is primarily a SPIRITUAL Problem. We must Stand Tall on the Spiritual Ideals and Principles contained in The Constitution of the United States and the Bill of Rights which are The limitations "We the People" placed on the Federal Government as Our Servant.

In that Nature's GOD created us, "WE the People" and "WE the People" created the Federal Government, The Laws of God must stand as the Highest Law. "WE the People" are the Masters, Not the Slaves. But our Greed, Avarice, Apathy and Spiritual Dishonesty have allowed the "Appearance of Enslavement" of the People. It is time to shake off the fetters that bind us, FEAR, SELF DOUBT and DISTRACTION, and re-establish our inherent right and position. We owe it to our posterity, as the Guardians of Their Future.

The key and the solution to the situation, and, of course, to our survival and freedom is RIGOROUS HONESTY, The Whole, Unadulterated, Unvarnished Truth, REALITY in the HERE and NOW!

And Rigorous, Honest adherence to the Laws of Nature's God, the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution of the United States, our American Common Law, and the Constitutions of the Several States of the Union.

FULLY INTEGRATED HONESTY on the part of everyone, including myself, will increasingly banish FALSE biases, prejudices, mysticisms and authorities from my life, your life and the lives of ALL of HUMANITY.

That is the ONLY message that will appear on this page from here on out!

The whole situation and the unrest that we are presently facing at home, in the Nation and in the world, is occurring as a result of DISHONESTY and lack of REAL HONEST COMMUNICATION OF THE TRUTH on the part of all concerned. I don't care where we start, with me on one end or in the middle, from the top or from the bottom, or all around the world.


What do I mean by RIGOROUS, FULLY INTEGRATED HONESTY. Because I know that some of you will say, "I'm Honest in every way, every day." I have said it many times myself, and I know I'm not and that is honest.

The way that I define RIGOROUS, FULLY INTEGRATED HONESTY, is that nothing I think, say, do, feel or believe is at variance one with the other, fully consistent. That, of course, is an ideal and you and I both know that Perfection is only in the eye of the Creator. So here we are, faced with our dishonesty.

The GOVERNMENT and MEDIA and CHURCHES MUST REALIZE THIS MOST OF ALL, as they are the shapers of OPINION, and of course you know the story about opinions, everybody has one . . . . . . .

The MEDIA has the power to either bring the people together or to further divide us into warring factions, each with its own hidden agenda, each with its half truths and myths, that keep us from pulling together. I believe that the Internet will be the saving grace of the World as long as it stays in its present state of anarchy, with total freedom of expression, so that you and I can communicate openly in all honesty.

And the MEDIA, as an institution, has it's hidden agenda also. Money, Money, Money and Control.

And so do the Governments of the World. Money, Money, Money and Control.

And so do the Religions and Churches of the World. Money, Money, Money and Control.

And so do the Patriots and the Non-Patriots.

And so do the Militias and the Non-Militias.

And so do the Constitutionalists and Non-Constitutionalists.

And so do the Libertarians and the Liberals.

And so do the Men of God and the Agnostic and the Atheist.

And so does EVERYBODY. It is a problem for ALL of us.


Because WE, all of us, are afraid, consumed with fear!

And WE react irrationally, in an insane manner as the result.


So where do we start?

We start with the development of TRUST.



We all know that if we don't trust somebody or something, we can't be honest with them or it, whoever or whatever they or it is.

And we become willing to believe any half truth or myth that comes along, further deepening our fears and insanities and denial of the truth.

For Me, I have to start with the simple premise that there is a "Creative Power", God as I don't understand it, except that I know that IT IS, shaping ALL things that happen for the ultimate benefit of ALL of Mankind and the World. I have to put absolute credence and faith in this.

It seems as if there are some people throughout the world who do not appreciate REAL HONESTY, to whom REAL HONESTY is an anathema, but that is not the TRUTH.

The TRUTH is that they are in TERROR and if the TRUTH is presented to them, and if it does not fit with their emotional insanities and hidden agendas, then they are immediately in denial, perceiving themselves to be under attack, and are up in arms, the fight or flight response to the perceived danger.

They are in terror because they don't know how to recognize the truth.

Why don't they?

Because the TRUTH has not been demonstrated to them.

Not by their religions or governments or teachers or information sources or so on, ad infinitum. Their heads are filled with the half truths, the false ideologies, the myths and hypocrisies of a thousand generations. It is an absolute wonder that any of us show any signs of sanity.

I am fully aware that there are some people who are seekers of Truth with a high degree of sanity, who have educated themselves beyond the fear, the myth, the hypocrisy and the emotions of the moment. It is to these people that I address these remarks, because it is upon them that the responsiblity of educating the remainder of the people rests.

As one of my mentors so aptly stated, "I don't care what you say or what you think or what you believe or what you feel or what you have done, because you have already admitted you are insane. The only thing that counts is what you do from here on out."

So - It is time to start demonstrating RIGOROUS HONESTY, The Whole, Unvarnished, Unadulterated Truth, FULLY INTEGRATED HONESTY and REALITY in the HERE and NOW!

This must be the maxim --"Juris praecepta sunt haec: honeste vivere, alterum non laedere, suum cuique tribuere." - Signifying - "These are the precepts of the law:
To live honorably, to hurt no one, to render everyone their due."

If we can accomplish understanding of this within our own souls and help others to achieve it, we will be able to avoid violence to ourselves and others and will be able to build a better future for all.
It is worth working toward.

I am sending this message to all the representatives of the people, the President, the Vice President, the House of Representatives and the Senate, to the Media and anybody else I can think of along the way, because the ABSOLUTE best way they can serve the people is with the TRUTH.

NOW, to put the bee on all of US, "We the People".
While I was taking a shower last night, I got to thinking, and this old head put it on me.

"The reason people will accept a lie or a myth sooner than the Truth is that if they accept the Truth then they must also accept the responsibilities that the Truth attends."

THINK ABOUT IT!! It affects every thing we do in life.

"Educate Yo'self". I have given you a starting point with the links on Barefoot's World.

Barefoot's World is HERE

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