This Day, A Day of Grace and Gratitude ..

It is my wish for each of you that this day be one of Grace and Gratitude, Sober, Happy, Joyous and Free. That you may know Peace and Be Content, Fully Alive to the Sufficiency of God's Grace, and the Generosity of our Earth Mother.

One Golden Day At A Time, as we go with the flow, keeping our heads up and celebrating each other... These attributes of life are so easy and simple to attain, for they are our natural inheritance as we come to KNOW and BE the LOVE that we truly are . . .

We are THE BELOVED . . .
WE Are The ONE We Have Been Waiting For. .

Hokh!!! Mitakuye oyasin, hecitu welo!!!
Yes!!! We are all related, it is indeed so!!!

{{{{{HUGS AROUND}}}}}

With Much Gratitude for Each of You,
And the Miracle of Each Day ALIVE!!

"May God keep watch 'tween thee and me when we are apart."

Love and Peace, Barefoot Windwalker

Welcome To My World

Earth Mother
by Élan Michaels