From a Chicken to an Eagle

What we are depends on what we believe to be true about ourself. That is the very first spiritual axiom, "As a man believes, so it is for him."

There are two ways of looking at oneself, (1) through the eyes of a chicken, or (2) through the eyes of an eagle. The way we relate to ourselves, those around us and the world, is determined by what we accept to be true. The first step out of the chicken yard is given us in AA, in admitting that we are alcoholic to our innermost self, and that lack of power, spiritual power, is our dilemma.

As we work our way up through the steps, particularly as we do the work of the 4th and 5th steps, we begin to see the basic beliefs of the chicken yard we have put ourselves in, what we have accepted as being true for us where we are right now, and what keeps us in that unhappy state. As we regularly attend meetings, study the BigBook and other AA related literature, communicate with our sponsors, and continue to try to apply ALL the Steps to our life, we begin to understand the Vision for Us through the Eyes of an Eagle. It gives us a different perception and choice, and also points the way to our accepting who and what we really are, and to acquiring the spiritual power that we lack, and are so desperately seeking.

This perception is the result of rote learning, continued repetition and practice. We begin to trust and accept that this world in not governed by the rules that we have made up, but is governed by a Power that is IN us but not OF us. When this Power has once been experienced, as a RESULT of learning to apply the Steps to our lives, it is impossible to trust one's own petty strength again, and our 3rd step decision becomes the central factor in all our affairs.

Who would attempt to fly with the stubby, shabby wings of a chicken, when the mighty power of the eagle has been given him? Who would place his faith in the shabby offerings of the Ego, when the gifts of God are laid before him?

It is our choice. Life does not just sort of happen to us. We can drink or not drink, laugh or cry, live or die, be honest or lie. It's up to each of us as we learn to live with ourselves.

We CAN fly out of our self-imposed chicken yard on the mighty Eagle Wings of the Steps, the Fellowship, and the Grace of God, as we learn to see the TRUTH with the Eyes of the Eagle.

Love and Peace, Barefoot