A B C from the Big Book of
Alcoholics Anonymous, Page 60

Click for 1938 Original Manuscript for 1939 1st Edition BigBook Searchable 1976 3rd Edition BigBook On-Line

The Co-Founders of Alcoholics Anonymous
Dr. Bob Smith & Bill Wilson
1879-1950 . . . 1898-1971

We who are Alive and Sober TODAY Salute You
for your Service to ALL of HUMANITY!

A Tribute to Bill W. - "The Healer"
Read his story and hear him tell of the beginnings of AA.

Bill W's Last Message to the Fellowship of Alcoholics Anonymous

Dr. Bob's Memorial Service
24th Street Clubhouse, New York City, N.Y. November 15, 1952
Listen to Dr. Bob's last major talk and read Bill W's words.

Dr. Bob's Last Message
Listen to and Read Dr. Bob's last words to the Fellowship
Visit Dr. Bob's Home where AA Started June 10, 1935

If you need help right now for a drinking problem ...
  ... many A.A. members from around the world are available 24/7 to help ...

Online Intergroup of Alcoholics Anonymous

Alcoholics Anonymous General Service Office

World-Wide Alcoholics Anonymous Intergroup Phone Numbers

Alcoholics Anonymous - Washington State East Area 92
Area Information, Events and Meeting Schedules
S.E. British Columbia, Eastern Washington, North and Central Idaho

Meeting Schedule - District 8 - Alcoholics Anonymous Area 92
Coeur d'Alene, Idaho and Vicinity, Kootenai, Benewah and Shoshone Counties

District 14 Alcoholics Anonymous Area 92
Covering North Idaho, Northwest Montana, and Northeast Washington

AA OZ Online

Little Known AA History Articles on Barefoot's Recovery Site

Our Greatest Asset -- Our History

A.A's Greatest Danger -- Rigidity

The 4th Edition Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous Online

Disclaimer – The following articles are perceptions and data that I have found useful through the years in my own quest for spiritual sobriety I do not speak for Alcoholics Anonymous World Services. It is simply my way of sharing Experience, Strength, Hope and Understanding with you to utilize as you see fit.

The Prayer for Serenity

A Good Day To Remember -- Thank You!!

If Alcohol is causing you problems, PERHAPS Alcoholism is the Problem!

For the Newcomer - 20 Questions That Only You Can Answer

For the Recovering Alcoholic - 20 Questions That Only You Can Answer

..."His Master Demanded To Be Fed!"...
Can You Identify??

Hey, You Drunks ... Do You Remember When??

A Little History Of How AA Came To Be
An Online E-Mail Big Book Study
in 40 daily reading segments

The Insanity of Alcoholism

OK, so you are thinkin' drinkin'...






Understanding The Aramaic Prayer To Our Father

“To thine own self be true....”

The Touch Of The Master's Hand

The Fourth Dimension


Church Sign and Meeting Room One-Liners
Collected along The Road To Happy Destiny

Requiem For An Alkie
We Don't Have To Drink To Die Of Alcoholism!


Learning Your A.A. as originally intended.

Going Through The Steps With A Sponsee
As it was done in the beginning.

The Daily Steps
On The Daily Practice of Steps 1, 10, 11 and 12
Every Day From The Beginning of Sobriety.

On Steps 1, 2 and 3

On Steps 4, 5, 6 and 7

On Steps 8 and 9

4th Step Tips

Thirty-Six Tips For Newcomers For Working The Steps

The Third Step and Your Prayer

So You Are Going Through The Steps Again

and Step Work Index For Each Step
An intensive Big Book Study on "Working The Steps"


Alcoholics Anonymous Original Manuscript - 1938
My sponsors insisted I learn my AA from this manuscript.

A Manual for Alcoholics Anonymous
The 1940 pamphlet by Group No.1, Akron, Ohio, Dr. Bob's Home Group.
A Manual for Alcoholics Anonymous, in Word Format Zipped

Table Talk, A Guide to the Study of the Twelve Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous
A 1940's pamphlet from an early group on the West Coast.
Table Talk, in Word Format Zipped

Let's Ask Bill W.
Answers to Many Questions in Bill's words

Moral Inventory Checklist
For Newcomer and Oldtimer Alike.

The [Unrecovered Dry, Not Using] Alcoholic

An Alcoholic's Anonymous Prayer

The Legacy of Recovery

Understanding Anonymity

On Meaning of the Circle-Triangle

On Program and Fellowship

On The Inner Light

On Psychic Change

On Meditation

On Religion and Spirituality

On The Sober Dance of Life

More On The Sober Dance of Life

Why Alcoholics Anonymous is Spiritual

Spirituality Is A Simple Way Of Living

The Right Spiritual Path

The Precepts, Concept and Percepts of Higher Power

Be Still and Know That I am Your God

The Varieties of Religious Experience
By William James

The Missing Piece: The Spiritual Malady

A.A. Is Not A Self-Help Program


Getting "It"


About Resentments
A Grandfather Teaching

A Warrior ......
A Grandfather Teaching

Riding the Turtle – The Struggle to Change
A Grandfather Story

Grandpa's Hands
A Grandfather Story

Ancient Wisdom - A Starting Point

The A.A. Principles and Virtues


The Elimination of Ego-Self

The Struggle of Ego and Self-esteem

That God-Awful Return of the Obsession!!

Slippers and Recovery

The Status of "Slippers"

Learning My ABCs

The ABCs Of A Fruitful Life

I DoubleDog Dare Ya!!

Our Allotment

A Sensitive Alcoholic

What About Members With Longer-term Sobriety?
A Check List

Types of AA Meetings

How Group Conscious Am I?
Another Check List

Random Recovery Thoughts
Collected In Meetings and Chats

The Lone Ember -- A Sponsor Story

Footprints In The Sand

The Hampshire Grenadier

The Man In The Glass

From A Chicken to An Eagle

Barefoot Writings
My collection of "Stuff", prior to the Internet,
that I passed on to my sponsees to help us keep our head on straight.

The Wilsons

Alcoholics Anonymous Founder’s Home Is a Self-Help Landmark

Stepping Stones - The Home of Lois and Bill W.

Stepping Stones Foundation

The Wilson House - Birthplace of Bill W.

The Smiths

855 Ardmore - The Home of Dr. Bob and Anne
Where AA Started

Buzzard Puke and My Understanding of the Names of The Higher Power

Happy Friends In Recovery Week
It lasts 24/7/365 all year long!!!


The Twelve Rewards of Sobriety


Friends in Recovery Bulletin Board and Chat
For ALL 12 Steppers!!!

[Editorial note:  this group no longer exists, link removed]

Only A.A. Material????

What Conference Approved Literature Means

An "Interactive" Lord's Prayer

Installing Love In Your System

The Fundamentals of Truth and Love

The Sober Clock

A.A. Acronyms


Group Life - From AA World Services

Starting a new group?  Need information about AA groups?

This link will help.  Further information is also probably available

through your local district office.

Barefoot's Handy-Dandy Sober Time Calculator
How Many ODAATs, Hours, Minutes, AND Sober Breaths??
Every Day You are a One Day At A Time Miracle!!!

A.A.7th Tradition Pie Chart

A Buck In The Basket Poster
1970 - 2008

Questions and Answers on Antabuse

One More for The Fun Of It
Mike P. and The Messengers
"I Think I'll Quit Drinking Today"
Great Recovery Songs For Campouts (or anywhere else in Recovery)

One More To Ponder and Enjoy.

Always Remember The Motto Of The Society Of Childlike Persons
It Is Never Too Late To Have A Happy Childhood!!
Certificate of the Right to Play (Boy)
Certificate of the Right to Play (Girl)

The Senility Prayer
For Young At Heart Program Senior Citizens (Old-Timers)

In Memoriam - "Tex" R.
A Loving Member - March 17, 1948 - September 9, 1992
My Friend and Sponsor

Happy, Joyous and Free!

Listen to Gentleman Jim Reeves sing
the Creator's Song to each of us.

Disclaimer: These Alcoholism Recovery Pages are provided in the Spirit of Cooperation but not Affiliation, as a service to A.A. members in North Idaho, for information to the Public at large, and most particularly for the person who wants help, the alcoholic who is still suffering from the disease of alcoholism. It is a 12th Step Information Service Only to carry a message of Love and Hope and Peace to others.

I have been in love with the Wisdom of Peace Pilgrim, STEPS TOWARD INNER PEACE, for over 25 years. She was one who achieved what we in recovery are seeking. It gives me great pleasure to present The Message of Peace Pilgrim to you. The words of Peace will give you purpose and inspiration!

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