Constitution Amendment Article II
Constitution Amendment Article I

The Declaration of Independence - 1776
The Articles of Confederation - 1777
The Constitution for the United States - 1787
Its Sources and Its Application

The Inner Sanctum Of Government

In our American system of government, a Constitutional Republic, citizens have been taught that the transfer of political power is the result of free elections by We The People of our representative servants, Presidents, Congressmen, Senators in the national government, and in our state governments, Governors, Representatives, and State Senators, according to the Constitutional principles set out in our national Constitution and in each of the state Constitutions. These elections are formal events by which the citizens can make orderly choices about who shall govern.

Few Americans, therefore, understand that the transfer of power also occurs, much more subtly and deviously, without elections. Even most Presidents, and surely most of the other elected servants, do not seem to grasp this possibility until too late. They remain in office, surrounded by the aura of authority, but are no longer in control of their office or their authority.

How could this be??

Almost from the beginning, the system of government has depended on deeper transactions than mere elections. Another mechanism, beyond the reach of the popular vote, insidiously has crept into the workings of government, one that manages the continuing conflict between citizen participatory democratic republicanism, and "democratic capitalism" It has become a part of national government, yet deliberately set outside the electoral process, insulated from control by mere politicians or the people. Indeed, it has the power to resist the desires of the popular will and even discipline the society at large, able to thwart the best intentions and desires of the nation.

Citizens have been taught that the activities of this entity were mechanical and non-political, unaffected by the self-interested pressures of competing economic groups, and its pervasive influence over American life has been largely ignored by the continuing political debate until recent time. Its decisions and the large consequences that have flowed from them has remained remote and indistinct, submerged beneath the visible politics of the nation. The details of its actions and decisions have been presumed to be too esoteric for the ordinary citizen to understand.

What is this crucial anomaly which rests at the very core of our nation, that is an uncomfortable and unconstitutional contradiction to the civic mythology of self-government, this inconsistency that has been accepted into the system? What is it, that virtually all the community of elected politicians have acquiesed to its power? What is it, that the private ecomony responds like Pavlov's dog to its direction, that private capital depends on slavishly for protection, that decides the largest questions in the political arena, that decides who shall prosper and who shall fail, that is shielded from public scrutiny partly by its own secrecy, but also by the curious ignorance of the American public?

Yes, what is it??

We witness a spiritual and moral distress in the nation at all levels that is becoming no longer an abstraction. What is the causative of the political discontent that is quite tangible. What is it that has caused the inflation, that has continually driven the value of the dollar lower and lower, and costs almost out of sight, the prices on the supermarket shelves constantly changing week by week, always higher, and now in the industrial worth of the nation has declined by a third or more?

Well, we could recall and reflect upon Jimmy Carter's speech of July 1979:

"In a nation that was proud of hard work, strong families, close-knit communities and our faith in God, too many of us now tend to worship self-indulgence and consumption. Human identity is no longer defined by what one does, but by what one owns. But we have discovered that owning things and consuming things does not satify our longing for meaning. We have learned that piling up material goods cannot fill the emptiness of lives which have no confidence and purpose."

That isn't it . . That is only the long reaching effect of this entity and those effects are lot worse today, , than they were in 1979.

OK, so what is it?? What is this entity that is running America???


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