Barefoot's Mission Statement

Barefoot's World is provided as a work of Love and Service to the Sovereign Citizens of the World Wide Internet community and the entire World At Large.

The peaceful development of civilization has been consistently threatened by persons who, in responding to their own internal needs, seek power and control.

Today the free flow of information on this, the greatest technological achievement in the history of mankind for the flow of open and uncensored communications (artistic, literary, spiritual, religious, political, historical, scientific, sexual, etc.), is seriously threatened by those seeking such power under the guise of "protecting" those of us whom they consider, quite naturally, deserving of THEIR leadership.

Take some time to visit the many pages of Barefoot's World, "Educate Yo'Self" and, above all, become involved in your own life and the life of the Nation. All that is necessary for such "Leaders" to gain and to clutch the reins of power is for the rest of us to do nothing.

Study the Constitution !!
Learn The TRUTH!!!

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Love and Peace, Barefoot

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