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Sui Juris – Getting The Truth in the Record
In Part By P.G. - for those being rendered by the State
[Ed: Edited to cover the basics of all types of cases]

Have they taken your children? Have they taken your Land?
Your Home? Your Liberty?

Protect Your Sovereignty by Understanding the "System"

A Process for the People to Access the Courts

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Did you know there is no such thing as "Constitutional Rights"? The Constitution does not give you any rights. Your Rights are given to you by God, your Birthright, your Inheritance, Sovereign, and cannot be restricted or taken from you.

What the Constitution does in the first ten Articles of Amendment, known as the "BILL OF RIGHTS",  is RESTRICT GOVERNMENTS, both Federal and State, from interfering in the Right of Sovereign Natural People to exercise their Inherent Rights freely.

Learn what your Sovereign Inherent Rights are and how to exercise these Rights in order to demand them in a courtroom and protect yourself.

Increasingly, people find themselves divested of their rights in court, entrapped through ignorance and fear in snares created by "Our Enemy, the STATE" to create fines, seize private property, children, inheritances and freedom. People are finding that their attorneys, often paid huge sums of money, do not aggressively defend them, but actively work for the system as "officers of the court".

Knowing the real nature of the court and what is happening against you is half the battle in preventing the state from abusing you and your family. Learn why you do not want anybody to "represent" you, how you give up your Sovereignty when you allow anyone to represent you. Learn to tell the public servants in black robes that you do not allow them to violate your Rights and abuse you. Learn to tell the court that you do not voluntarily comply with an unconstitutional Statutory Corporate Administrative process and that you are not a "commodity" to "sustain" a "funding resource stream" for the STATE.

Learn how to go into a court, exercise your Sovereignty, claim your Inherent Rights and make a Public Record of what has happened to you.

Sui Juris [At law: Latin - su i u ris : "of one's own right"] 1. One who has all the rights to which a freemen is entitled; one who is not under the power of another, as a slave, a minor, and the like. 2. To make a valid contract, a person must, in general, be sui juris. Every one of full age is presumed to be sui juris. --- Bouviers Law Dictionary

Sui Juris is a Process to access the Public Record and force the facts of your abuse to be heard. Learn to write your own motions and court documents, and confront any level of government with which you have come into conflict. Learn to demand your Constitutionally protected Inherent Rights in any legal situation, as well as confront unlawful government policies. Learn how to force public servants into accountability.

A book, "Sui Juris," has been written in layman's terms, as simply as possible, reasonable and easily understood. Once you know your Rights the courts cannot deceptively manipulate you anymore.

Sui Juris has forms to use, sample legal documents for a format to write your own legal paperwork, and relevant information to paint a clear, full picture of the nature of the fraud being openly conducted around you. Once you see it, you will be outraged ! And they will not be able to exploit you.

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Taking over your case, going into court sui juris, learning your rights and the process in the court. Making the record, getting your discovery. These are things YOU MUST DO!

You must realise that the Court you are standing in is an Admiralty/Law Merchant Court under the Uniform Commercial Code, which recognizes only two classes of entities, "Creditors" and "Debtors.", dealing only in the terms and conditions of "Contractural Obligations." It is not a Constitutional Court of proper jurisdiction to secure the Rights of Sovereign Citizens. YOU MUST ESTABLISH THE PROPER JURISDICTION!

This article is written to send to those, only days away from a hearing, or often, even the next day... usually being exploited and rendered in the court by their "own" attorneys.

This information is for everyone in a court no matter what the issue. The corrupted court process is the common theme we all face.

Sui Juris book was written for this exact reason – to present simply to the Sovereign Citizen the basic concept of what the court is, what their rights are, what the process it, what their options are and how to proceed, and what to do after the courts act against you.

Everyone needs that information. This article is a primer, a "little" Sui Juris book, laying out the basic information about the process and what they are involved in.

The first thing people have to realize is that the state courts and agencies are only about money and profit margins, compelling contracts on people and selling the proceeds for a profit and federal bounty.

The problems you face are systemic, in that they are using administrative courts to take people's children, homes, jobs, assess fines, payments and judgments, countless ways they have set up to destroy families and children. It is a citizen abuse industry, so far unaccountable and protected in the courts while everything is stacked against the citizen.

That is, if you don't know your rights - and they are counting on it. So, you learn that you are the Sovereign in a constitutional state, you have the rights to be free from attack by the state, and the state has the burden of proof to proceed against you.

But you will find out that the attorney, or a public defender who is assigned to your case, does not work for you, blocks you from making the record of what has happened to you, and together with the civil services agencies, locks you out completely from your own defense and does not defend you.

After you, acting on your own behalf sui juris, start getting your discovery you will find evidence of "your own" attorney in collusion with the agencies to make money for everybody - string you out, take the services, take the children, your home, your job, your freedom, and abuse you in the meantime, screwing with you every way they can to emotionally, physically, mentally and financially destroy you.

A word has been used that demands definition and expansion to define the work that must be done prior to trial.

discovery n. the entire efforts of a party to a lawsuit to obtain information before trial through demands for production of documents, depositions of parties and potential witnesses, written interrogatories (questions and answers written under oath), written requests for admissions of fact, examination of the scene, and the petitions and motions employed to enforce discovery rights. The theory of broad rights of discovery is that all parties will go to trial with as much knowledge as possible and that neither party should be able to keep secrets from the other (except for constitutional protection against self-incrimination). Often much of the fight between the two sides in a suit takes place during the discovery period.

deposition n. the taking and recording of testimony of a witness under oath before a court reporter, in a place away from the courtroom before trial. A deposition is part of permitted pre-trial discovery (investigation), set up by one of the parties to a lawsuit demanding the sworn testimony of the opposing party (defendant or plaintiff), a witness to an event, or an expert intended to be called at trial by the opposition. If the person requested to testify (deponent) is a party to the lawsuit or someone who works for an involved party, notice of time and place of the deposition can be given to the other side's attorney, but if the witness is an independent third party, a subpoena must be served on him/her if he/she is reluctant to testify. The testimony is taken down by the court reporter, who will prepare a transcript if requested and paid for, which assists in trial preparation and can be used in trial either to contradict (impeach) or refresh the memory of the witness, or be read into the record if the witness is not available.

interrogatories n. as part of the pre-trial discovery process, either party to a lawsuit may send a set of written questions to the other party. These questions (interrogatories) must be answered in writing under oath or under penalty of perjury within a specified time (such as 30 days). Several states ask basic "form" interrogatories on a printed form, with an allowance for "supplemental" interrogatories specifically relevant to the lawsuit. Normal practice is for the lawyers to prepare the questions and for the answering party to have help from his/her/its attorney in understanding the meaning (sometimes hidden) of the questions and to avoid wording in his/her answers which could be interpreted against the party answering. Objections as to relevancy or clarity may be raised either at the time the interrogatories are answered or when they are used in trial. Most states limit the number of interrogatories that may be asked without the court's permission to keep the questions from being a means of oppression rather than just a source of information. While useful in getting basic information, they are much easier to ask than answer and are often intentionally burdensome. In addition the parties may request depositions (pre-trial questioning in front of a court reporter) or send "requests for admissions" which must be answered in writing.

Remember this:
If it is not in the court record, IT DOESN'T EXIST as far as the court is concerned ... Get it in the record!!

You have all the rights, but when there is a representative on your name you are not there and the court acts as though there is no human there with rights, no parents, only slaves and the STATE is operating under the doctrine of Parens Patriae – Universal Trustee – Government as Parent. It is insane but that is what it is, literally.

People must learn the difference between "represented status", "pro se" and "pro per" or "sui juris" status in the court. The deception is that "pro se" means literally "represent myself" and you do not "represent" yourself - you are yourself. Pro per means "for myself" and Sui Juris literally means "of my own right (with all the rights to which freemen are entitled.)" The difference is between living and being a non-entity. Do not believe anyone in the court who tells you there is no difference in what these terms mean in the court process.

This website is here to teach people about court process, so they can learn about their rights and go into a courtroom and understand the deceptions that are being operated around them.

Everyone in court must know that in order to defend, whether it is the first hearing or a years-long case, you must get your facts into the court record, and then file to get your discovery. These are the first two steps to taking authority as the moving party in your case and beginning to defend yourself.

You learn about your rights, and to be able to make good decisions based on what you learn. We tell people all the time: Do not do anything because we say it, or someone else says it, or some attorney or judge says it. You learn and then you make your own best decisions and know what you are doing. If you go into a court and don't understand you have these rights, you are eaten alive instantly by the attorneys and judges, whose game it is - You are the prey and your assets and freedom are the prize.

So, you write your facts out in affidavit form (on the web you can put affidavit or any other terms into a search engine for definition and learn more about these points). And you file a FOIA/Privacy Act/ Discovery paper to everyone who may have information about you relative to the case, and you find out what they are using against you.

Usually when you start getting your records you find they are filled with lies and hearsay, but now you can use that in court to turn your case around.

So if you have not been to court yet - at the beginning like so many who find this web page - then you are in the best position to end their schemes real quick by demanding the documents that are supposed to be there.

They usually do not charge anyone with a crime and they usually have no lawful paperwork, but if you have an attorney he will allow this and not question it, and allow the court to proceed instead of standing against it.

You demand that if no one is charged with a crime there is no case at all and that the case be dismissed immediately. That is the real bottom line in the courtroom and recently some citizens have learned this and are using it and bringing themselves out of the beast's clutches by being strong on this one point... (ed note: At this time you are usually in a lower court but if they proceed, this is where it's best to make the switch to a higher Court, a Court of General Jurisdiction.)

Everything in the Court (ed note: Of General Jurisdiction) has to be based in credible evidence that you did something to another or someone did something to another and there is a crime and charges. Without this, and lawful warrants, they are outside of the law and they know it if you confront it out loud on the record.

If you are already being processed in a case, then you can write your paper and call it "Affidavit to set aside" or "Affidavit for Review" or "Affidavit objecting to form of order" or "Affidavit to rescind all signatures" or "Affidavit to sever all bar restrictions or claims on your name", all kinds of other things... the idea being that you get rid of the representative who is on your name and file your own real paperwork sui juris into the court record with real facts.

You make the claim into the court that they are proceeding against you without having produced all discovery, if that is the case. It usually is. These are outlaw things they are doing to you, but it goes nowhere unless you make the claims in your paperwork and orally on the record out loud when you are in court. The record is the key they would prevent you from using. Once you understand your rights you will make the record in every hearing.

The tool of process that people need to understand that works in the court is that the most basic court rule is that undisputed testimony becomes fact in the record. In other words, when you make the record of things they are doing to you, and you write it in your papers and say it in the court when you are in court, then they know that they have to dispute your facts or else your facts become the "legal facts" in the case.

The games they play are all centered on controlling the record. As you make your discovery, the other side of your making the record, you will see the lies they are spinning in fabricated documents and reports to use against you to make money for their agencies and to use against you.

This is the most basic of court process but you have to do it. It is simple. If you can tell someone what has happened to you and you can write or type a paper, you can proceed in court sui juris.

We see remarkable things every day by lay people who never imagined a week before that they could go into court and handle their case so capably, and lately have been winning as well. The judges know that you have the absolute right to do the things being outlined here. They can't stand it when people exercise their sovereign authority over public servants, judges and agency officials, by holding them accountable, and by not complying with their outlaw process.

They create secret files, now they call this "legal file" and "social file". It's totally outlaw to have any records in the case that are being used that are not disclosed to all parties equally. This is one of the ways they violate your rights the most.

You have to make an issue of it, in your papers and in the courtroom out loud when you are in there. You say how they are hiding records and keeping discovery undisclosed to you, and that it is in violation of your rights and malicious prosecution to do this. You have to say it or it is not there in the record.

That goes for every issue that needs to be raised - the attorneys are the ones who raise the issues and when you are sui juris you do the things a good attorney would do if there were such a thing. They all work for the BAR association, the judges are all BAR members or structured by statutes to not confront another judge or attorney in a courtroom nor to defend you and to never confront the outlaw process going on. (ed note: BAR acronym for "British Admiralty Registry... with Oath subject to the Queen. Question these links.)

This information about process has been the most privately held secret of the court agents for all time, and people did not see how to use it or how it was being used against them. For most normal people words like "process" and "discovery" are foreign terms and their use is completely unknown. When you must deal with a court these terms are key to understanding what is happening to you.

Do not engage with them at all, only for necessary appointments, etc. Learn to say to anyone who tries to talk to you off the record "Anything you have to say to me you have to put in writing to the court and we will respond there." and hang the phone up.

You do not want to talk to them about any court issue off the record and if you must, then you record your conversation, meeting or if they get nasty and wont let you record, then you go home and write an affidavit of the whole conversation that just took place, date that and file that into the court record and serve it on the parties.

You stop defending against their accusations and hearsay and learn that real court is about only what is relevant to a criminal charge, and usually there is no criminal charge at all. The people get entangled in all the "he said she said" crap. We say they "throw a wad of crap at the people and see what sticks", and when people are vulnerable and usually poor, they are helpless to the schemes and exploitation of the agencies robotic "no wrong door" policies and databases. Once they get one encounter with someone and get the info they "reach out" to the whole extended family, assessing everyone, even the neighborhood!

All of this is in the Sui Juris book which also contains examples of format to write your own papers. According to original jurisdiction of First Congress case law, your papers have a standard that "any reasonable people would understand." Facts are the key. Stating your facts that incriminate the agents of the state, and that they can't dispute, is what turns your case around. They do what they do because they can, and because people are only now learning in a public knowledge way of this totally abusive scheme going on in courts.

So there are only two options dealing with this beast. You decide that you are going to stand against it and fully defend yourself in the court all the way through no matter what they do, or decide that you won't, can't, are not going to and compromise, pay their fees, do the things they order you to do, let them rape you and your children and you sit silently with a representative for the state selling you out, you not standing at all. Those are the two dynamics going on in the process.

People can only claim their Inherent Rights themselves. These are your God given rights, you eat your own food, you think your own thoughts and you bear your own children. Your children are your blood and offspring in reality, no matter that the judge writes that the state is the parent or adopts the child out fifty times, your children are your flesh and blood, your Family Body is where your Inherent Rights extend. You have to claim them. No attorney or representative can make claims for other people. The attorneys know all this, but the people until recent years did not understand this process clearly to use it and not be ground up in the system's machine.

We say it a lot: "now we see it, now we stop it". We restore our constitutional process in the courts ourselves by going into the court and being the solution, bringing to accountability the ones who are violating our rights.

So learn your rights, and consider this information seriously. People from all over the world are living the same nightmares, identical in process, same no court of remedy and aggression by criminals working for the state, and corrupt courts when you try to bring redress and get your children/home/lives/finances back.

The way they work their whole world is on judicial orders. You have to overwhelm the false and unseen record they are building with the facts that make the record of your defense. (Ed: One small truth will crush a mountain of lies.)

Remember this – If it is not in the record it doesn't exist.

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