Clarence "Tex" R.
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In Memoriam
A Loving Member from
March 17, 1948 until Sept 9, 1992
16245 Days - One Day At A Time
Tex freely taught hundreds to Live and Love the Steps
and kept sobriety for himself.

"The people that get into Service,
and Stay In Service don't get drunk!!!"

Tex welcomed me through the door, February 28, 1974 and has been my friend from then until now, , later, even though he has been gone to the big meeting since 1992. I shall never forget the love and the loving hours we shared together through the years. He was just coming 26 in the program then, and when I asked him how long he was sober, I knew he was lying, nobody could do that, and NO Irishman ever got sober on St. Paddy's Day - - - but Tex did!!! Thank God!!! He taught me so much about Life and Love and Peace and Sobriety!

Love and Peace, Barefoot

Endless Love - One Day At A Time

ABC Page 60 from the BigBook

Posted March 17, 2000