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The Windwalker
At Catskill Creek on the Hudson with the mast up for the first time, Oct 22, 2003.

Daily log - Canada To Key West, Florida, Oct 10 - Dec 16, 2003

I took very few photos during this trip south as I had to be constantly at the helm and it was too damn cold to take off my gloves in the interesting part down Lake Champlain, the Champlain Canal, and the Hudson.

Leaving Lake Champlain In the Champlain Canal
Entering the Hudson The fort and academy at West Point
George Washington Bridge New York Harbor and skyline
New York Harbor and skyline The Statue of Liberty

From the Daily log - Delivering the Sally Bum Bum To Bermuda, Mar 5 - Mar 16, 2004

Here are a few photos taken off the Bahama Banks, during lulls in the storm between there and Bermuda and at Bermuda.

The Sally at St. George, Bermuda The owner Leon on bow at Little Bahama Bank
Barefoot on bow at Little Bahama Bank Greg at helm off Little Bahama Bank
Capt. Barefoot at helm. 30 footer behind A 30 foot sea abeam as the storm gathered
Capt. Barefoot off watch At Customs Dock, St. George, Bermuda
St. George across from custom dock Front Street, Hamilton, Bermuda
At Christmas Tree Island Mooring Field -- Key West
Careened on Chrismas Tree beach
Capt. Barefoot patching shaft log leak
Sunrise in the Keys
over Fleming Island USCG base
The Windwalker at anchor
Port Side -- Key West Harbor behind
The Windwalker at anchor
Bow shot with squall coming in from SE
Two St'bd Sheet Winches salvaged
from a wreck -- saved $1000.
The Bow Net Trampolines
Made from shrimp net -- saved $1400
Keywest Sunset June 22
the night before leaving
Keywest Sunrise June 23
the morning we left
At St. Augustine Harbor
Castillo San Mardos St. Augustine
Built 1672-1695
Sunset over St. Augustine
Aug 8, 2004, my 71st b'day
Anchored in the Holy Hole
Waiting for Hurricane Francis
Anchored in 70 knot gusts
Hurricane Francis, Sept 5, 2004
In Holy Hole Salt Marsh After Hurricane Jeanne
The Windwalker, Sept 27, 2004
High and Dry In Salt Marsh
The Loose Channel Marker Bouy
That Cut The Windward Anchor Rodes,


Love and Peace, Barefoot

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