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The Declaration of Independence - 1776
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The Constitution for the United States - 1787
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Commitment One: To Freedom

The commitment of greatest importance is a DEDICATION To FREEDOM at all levels of society, and in all dimensions of our existence.

By this I mean a true reverence for allowing life and reality to be as it is, rather than demanding it to be what our mind, or our experience, tells us how it should or should not be. The one Commandment that is foundational reads: "Harm no one, then do what thou wilt."

In this one Law the whole of the Mosaic Law is contained (or any other law, for that matter). It allows for free expression in all aspects of life ......... and also begs for clear and unbridled reflection on our own individual immediate universe, once our commitment has been made. There can be no such thing as exercising MY freedom if another person's freedom is impinged or negated. That is a violation of the prime directive, yes?

We are beginning to wrap ourselves around the idea that there are many inner elements which have to be cleared, functional, and in motion, before any powerful, demanding outer elements can be installed. Otherwise, we are like a young lad who buys himself a car (and signs on for huge monthly payments) without really knowing how to drive. In fact, some of us barely know how to "walk" some of these personal areas. We may talk the talk, but walking our talk is an entirely different matter. Learning to do so is a momentous responsibility.

There are many inner commitments that must enacted before any external joining can breathe and be successful. We all arrange them in different order. And, indeed, the hierarchy of these elements quite often changes according to the life plan it supports, and their very diversity is absolutely essential to the FREEDOM and EVOLUION OF THE WHOLE.

This dance of Life is called "See Me/Show Me"........... and the administration of the dance steps begins and ends with the edict: Harm No One.

What would be the nature of harm in the context of this one universal law? Surely, it would be to "prevent someone from doing what he or she wants to do, mandating that they do or be what we want instead."

A commitment to freedom, at all levels, is automatically a commitment to Rigorous Honesty, the Truth of Reality. After all, once freedom is insured, why would one need to lie?

The need to distort our truth, our "reality," and thereby limit our freedom, in order to survive goes all the way back to our childhood and the family system. In fact, it goes back all the way to the myth of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. Remember what the core of the technique is? We withhold food (or other bodily necessities) in order to curtail or limit the freedom of others in society.

There is much we will discuss about this during the continuing course of time. How we handle children and families in this world today is a serious threat to the healthy continuation of both. At the core of this issue is a basic lack of commitment to freedom.

Any "security" that is gained through loss of freedom is a Commitment to Fear. Any nation that puts "national security" above personal freedom has lost its power base. In saying this, I am not suggesting that any individual, or this or any other country, should suddenly lower its guard against all enemies (both real and imagined) that we have amassed through the years. That would produce mental whiplash of grand proportion in the collective consciousness. And, again, that would be an inner element that must be changed before the outer condition can be corrected.

This is why politics is NOT the answer to what plagues the human condition. Politics is like a horse trainer who seeks to bridle up and train our collective energy so that it will function for the good of all. Inner freedom is like the horse whisperer who spends many long hours sitting quietly with our "animal" to discover what the burr is that is stuck under its tail.

Remember the famous line that Robert Redford spoke in the movie "Horse Whisperer?" The female character says to him: "I hear you help people with horse problems." He looks up and responds: "No, ma'am. I actually help horses with people problems."

I must state, once again, There are no political, economic, 'religious' or military solutions to what is primarily a spiritual problem in the world today, the "We-Them" syndrome, and the lack of commitment to Freedom and Rigorous Honesty. We, all of mankind, must learn and know that "We are all ONE."

Before we can see clearly to take the mote out of our neighbor's eye, we must remove the log that exists in our own. That takes lots of inner work, and lots of personal freedom to be and do and watch and feel.

We must ask ourselves honestly .... if someone doesn't want to give us something, why would we still be manipulating for a way to get it anyway? And if we really don't want to have, be, or do something in our lives, who do we think we're really kidding when we force ourselves to create an outward appearance that doesn't match our inward being?

Harm no one, then do what thou wilt. That's a tall order, and it takes guts to carry it out. It means simultaneously giving up control and opening to the good (the God) that longs to take us forward into our adventure.

What have you learned about freedom? What have you experienced when you gave it to yourself or to someone else?

Please do share your Experience, Strengths, Hopes and Understandings. Your own, honest experience is very helpful in ways that you may not realize. (Of course, feel free to abstain too, if you so choose!)

Commitment Two

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