Windwalker Listens
These are the words that Grandfather gave to Windwalker while on vision quest, in the Moon of Harvest, as he was sitting and listening for Grandfather's voice as the sun rose in the East, while watching from the top of the knoll in the center of the old ranch where Windwalker grew up....

"There is nothing to fear, absolutely nothing to fear"

As Windwalker continued to watch the sun rise to its highest, facing South....

"You must find a new focus, a new vision, for this is the day of life for all, a new beginning, a new paradigm, that none has seen before. It has its own problems and its own solutions."

Windwalker watched the sun through the afternoon and evening as it approached the horizon, setting behind the mountain to the West....

"You cannot go back, you must go forward. You can use the wisdom of the past as it applies to this day which I have given you. The wisdom that you have gained today from the use of past wisdom will give new wisdom to be used tomorrow."

With the setting of the sun in the West, the wind chilled and shifted from the North. Windwalker turned to face it. These are the words of Grandfather, spoken loudest of all, that all the world could hear....

"You have listened to the coyotes, the greed of the priests, the shamans, the politicians, the bankers and the merchants, instead of listening to my Voice, to Me, the ONLY ONE who always speaks the Truth. They, the coyotes, have made myths and fables and lies to frighten, to tempt and to control you."

'You must rid yourself of ALL these old untruths, for they have kept you captive, fragmented and separated from Me and from Yourselves."

"I say to you, there are None more chosen and None less, for it is I who created each of you from the womb of Mother Earth, even as it was I who created Mother Earth from My Thought and My Love."

"These myths and fables of specialness are all lies. You are all special to me or I would not have created you for My purpose. You each are My special chosen son and daughter, and I see you as ONE. You are not separate. You are each a particular divine manifestation of Me and I would have you know this."

"Henceforth, listen not to the coyotes, for they have served their purpose and it is finished. Listen Only to Me with your inner ear, that part of Me which is You, Your Trueself. You will know the Truth, the Truth of You and the Truth of Me, the I AM. You will be Free, Whole, Not Separated. The condition of separateness that you see is a condition that never was, except as you have perceived it to be, because you have believed the lies of the coyotes. I have always said you are Free, Whole, Not Separated, ONE."

"As I created you from Mother Earth, so must you return to her bosum, so that I can create and blow the breath of life into you again and again. I say once again, there is nothing, absolutely nothing to fear, if you listen to My Voice and hear My Truth and do only that which you hear."

"I have spoken."

Windwalker sat through the night, gazing into the fire which he had made from the gifts of Mother Earth. As he gathered the embers together, the breath of Grandfather blew them to life again and again and yet again. And Windwalker knew the Truth of Grandfather and Himself.

As the sun arose from its sleep in the East, there was but one ember left. With the It and the gifts of Mother Earth, Grandfather blew the ember to Life into the Fire of The New Day.

Love and Peace, Barefoot Windwalker

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