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US Flag and Constitution
Barefoot Adventures
The Barefoot Canoe Expedition, Idaho to New Orleans 1984
Barefoot Goldwinging – Most All of North America, 1997-2000
Voyages of the Barefoot Windwalker Across the North Atlantic
Getting Out and Getting Under in the Good Ol' US of A

Early Ford History Links

The Model T
A Beginner's Guide by Barefoot

The Model T Assembly Line

Model T Specifications

Henry Ford and the Model T

Piquette Model T – The Little Lady
With Photos of the Ford Cars before the Model T

History and Lore of the Model T

Historical Ford Model T Booklets and Manuals

The Room

A Model T Engine Being Rebuilt.

The Model T Ford Ignition System & Spark Timing.

The Model T Ford Ignition Coil.

Model Model T Fords

Old American Gas Stations From Around The Country

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