Getting "It"

As you may know, the main thrust of all my pages, as I do my thing, trying to carry a message of love and hope and peace and sobriety and sobermindedness into this world, has always been the education and enlightenment of the individual, especially me . . . it all starts there, with each individual coming to peace within themselves getting "it" . . . You know, the "it" of chapter 5, "If you want what we have and are willing to go to any length to get "it", then you are ready to take certain steps . . .

Now, with regard to getting "it", that so many are searching for, this definition speaks to me, "It" being the ability to live one day at a time, sober, happy, joyous and free, grateful and FULLY ALIVE, content in the sufficiency of God's Grace and the generosity of our Earth Mother, without self-destructing.

I don't know how many times I have stood there in the middle of the room, stomping up and down shaking my fist and cussing at my HP, "Dammit, Charlie, when the hell am I gonna get mine?", just having a shit fit . . . and the answer always comes the same . . . the still, small voice that says,"Bob, The reward for years of life and years of sobriety is years of life and years of sobriety, that's it, that's all, ain't no more, sorry about that, that's it." . . . and I am very grateful for that answer . . .

Over the past few weeks and days I have been trying to tie it all together in a manner that will open us to ourselves, more easily, as we search within for "It" . . . the page cohering this effort is "Ancient Wisdom - A Starting Point" at . . . This page will probably never be finished as I continue to collect, add and shuffle the "oneliners" of wisdom that speak to me.

Remember, as we trudge along this Road to Happy Destiny, we are not here to be the "achiever", we are here on this planet to be the "achievement", God's Achievement, whatever that is to be, and we most likely will never know.

And as a way of looking at the 12 Steps from a different angle you might also get on my page "Peace Pilgrim" at

So there you have it . . . that is the way "it" is at the moment . . .

Love and Peace, Barefoot

It Is No Secret What God Can Do

"When you are awake the dream is gone...
When you are Enlightened the 'world of illusion' is gone...
...and the TRUTH will make you FREE."


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Three mighty important things, Pardn'r, LOVE And PEACE and "IT"