Justin Olsen's Idaho Record Tiger Muskie
May 22, 1999

46 inch Tiger Muskie caught by Justin Olsen, May 22, 1999, 4:00pm
at Hauser Lake, Idaho just down the shore from the Rainbow Inn.

On the kitchen table, getting the monster ready to measure.

The Monster can't get out of this 5 foot tub.

Justin went fishing to get out of attending his sister's 14th birthday party,
but he had a real party of his own.

Becky's mom Bobbie Jo made her an apricot-almond butter 5 layer cake
garnished with real flowers, Apricot Pansies and others from the garden.

Details of the "Fishing Party"

Fisherman - Justin Olsen, age 15,
W. 6455 Hardison Road,
Post Falls, Idaho 83854,
Telephone 208-773-0490

Fishing Partner - Brad Borba, age 15 of Rathdrum, Idaho

The Fish -- Species - Hybrid Tiger Muskie
Location - Hauser Lake, Idaho, near Rainbow Inn
(Additional Lakeside "Fresh Catch" photos can be seen or obtained from the
Rainbow Inn, Hauser Lake. They include photos of Justin holding the fish up.)
Length - 46 Inches Long
Girth - 21 Inches around
Weight - 34.5 pounds, weighed at the Stein's IGA in Rathdrum
(Published previous record was 45 inches and 29.5 pounds)
Certified by - Jim Opsal, Manager, Stein's IGA, Rathdrum
Attested by - Kathy Wirth, Lesa Stein, Tim Olsen, Phil Jones

Fishing Pole - Shakespeare "Ugly Stick"
Reel - SILSTAR Edge 50
Line - 12 pound Berkley Trilene Extra-Limp Mono-Filament
Lure - Mepps Muskie Killer #5 Aglia TW
Steel leader

Justin has been trying to catch a muskie for 4 years every weekend that he could muster and get free from ranch work... and his FIRST ONE is now, as of May 24, 1999, Officially recognized as THE IDAHO STATE RECORD...!!!!

Justin and Brad were both in the water trying to get it to shore. They managed to work it to shore, Brad jumped on top of it, then Justin grabbed it and threw it over his shoulder up onto the road so it couldn't get away.. AND IT DIDN'T!!!

Patricia Jennen of Post Falls caught the previous record, a 29-pound, 10-ounce tiger muskie out of Hauser Lake in July, 1998. It was 45 inches long and 21 inches in girth. Justin's muskie is an inch longer and 5 pounds heavier and is at the taxidermist today, May 24, to be mounted. Justin will have to work long and hard this summer to pay for the mounting.....and says he will appreciate any help that he can get to pay for it..... The mounting will cost him $700...

Justin is my grandnephew and will be 16 the day before Y2K.....he just missed being the record New Years Baby, but he has this record....

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Created May 23, 1999

Five mighty important things, Pardn'r, LOVE And PEACE and Girls and Boys and BIG FISH!!