Recommended Reading List

Books of or by Native American Spiritual Healers

The Books of Barefoot Windwalker - Sicola Kato Heya Mani


Black Elk Speaks - Black Elk, Oglala Sioux, with John Neihardt

The Sacred Pipe - Black Elk's Account of the Seven Rites of the Oglala Sioux - Black Elk, Oglala Sioux, with Joseph Epes Brown
Highly Recommended to Understand The Spiritual Symbolism of the Rites and the Sacred Pipe.

Fools Crow - Fools Crow, Lakota Sioux, and Thomas E. Mails

Fools Crow Wisdom and Power - Fools Crow, Lakota Sioux, and Thomas E. Mails

My People The Sioux - Luther Standing Bear, Lakota

Native Wisdom -- Ed McGaa, Eagle Man, Lakota

They Led A Nation - The Sioux Chiefs - Virginia Driving Hawk Sneve , Sioux

Walking on the Wind, Cherokee Teachings of Harmony and Balance - Michael Tlanusta Garrett, Eastern Band Cherokee

Spirit Visions, The Old Ones Speak - Dennison and Teddi Tsosi, Navajo

Indians in American History - Edited by Frederick E. Hoxie

Now That The Buffalo's Gone - Alvin M. Josephy

Native American Heritage - Merwyn Garbarino

Hand Book of Federal Indian Law - Felix M. Cohen - University of New Mexico Publication ONLY

There are many others about the spirituality of the various native tribes and cultures available.

This is an excellent page of Native American Lore with 150 stories from tribes everywhere on Turtle Island.

Hok, kola!! Mitakuye o'yasin, maka sitomni, hecitu welo!!
Yes, My Friend!! All are my relatives, all things on earth, it is indeed so!!

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