Ya a teh, Ciyawayasni.
Hello, My Brothers. Let us carry into the world Grandfather's message of Love and Peace and the Oneness of All, as we journey together along the Red Road,


O' Tunkasila Wakantanka

Ho naho tuwa mis tate el kin,

Niya tuwa ku wiconi makaowacaga kilyuha kin,

Naho mis. Mis cistila na hokesni.

Mis cin nita wasake na woksape.

Ayusta mis mani el hopa, na kagemita ista

Iho kin luta wimaheliyaya.

Kagemita nape younihan kin wa uskekiya mis yuha

Kage na nugemita pestola naho honita.

Kagamis pksape he ugnasmis okahnige takunlnis ospe kiyemita oyate.

Ayusta ospewakiyemis wouspenis inahme el iyohile canwape na iya.

Nita ola wasake el un isom taka isammita ciyawayasni,
tka kize isomtakamita toka-misnala.

Kagamis ohinni winiyela el hi el nita kici sapesni hapena owotala ista.

Ca conj wiconi oiyokpaza, el oiyokpaza wimcheliyaya,
woniya wakamita ugnas hi el nis cola istelya.

Yellow Hawk, Sioux

English Translation

O, Great Spirit

Whose voice I hear in the winds,

And whose breath gives life to all the world,

Hear me.

I am small and weak.

I need your strength and wisdom.

Let me walk in beauty and make my eyes ever behold the red and purple sunset.

Make my hands respect the things you have made and my ears sharp to hear your voice.

Make me wise so that I may understand the things you have taught my people.

Let me learn the lessons you have hidden in every rock and leaf.

I seek strength, not to be greater than my brother,
but to fight my greatest enemy - myself.

Make me always ready to come to you with clean hands and straight eyes.

So when life fades, as the fading sunset,
my spirit may come to you without shame.

Yellow Hawk, Sioux

Mysterious One,
We search for you along this
Great Red Road you have set us on.

Sky Father, Tunkashila,
We thank you for this world.
We thank you for our own existence.
We ask only for your blessing and for your instruction.

Grandfather, Sacred One,
Put our feet on the holy path that leads to you,
and give us the strength and the will
to lead ourselves and our children
past the darkness we have entered.
Teach us to heal ourselves,
to heal each other and to heal the world.

Let us begin this very day,
this very hour,
the Great Healing to come.

Leonard Crow Dog - Shackled Eagle, Lahkota

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To My Brothers and Sisters who have come to this page
Welcome to the Sacred Hoop!
May You Always Walk in the Sunlight of the Spirit!
You have volunteered to be a Teacher of God!
Your Path will not be easy!
But . . . Grandfather will guide your steps
One At A Time!

Love and Peace, Barefoot Windwalker

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