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We humans sometimes get so confused by the restrictive domination based 'social sciences' and 'social architects' that would attempt to control us, that we think our planet is in danger of destruction.

In a world that is run in cyclic perfection by a Creator of Infinite Wisdom, such thinking doesn't really equate. The universe would have been a giant junkpile billions of years ago if one atom could stray outside of law. Who do we think we are that we would be allowed to endanger other nearby worlds and life forms with our petty stupidity and ill directed sciences? Having choice, we humans will be allowed to wreck our own small 'universes' and civilizations, but hardly our home planet Earth. What we have is a world full of struggling souls who still think that they are their bodies and the world around them is the whole of reality. Our egos often run our thinking to the exclusion of our higher awareness and intelligence.

Shakespeare probably put the situation in perspective as well as anyone, when he pointed out that life is only a play and we are all simply playing out continual roles. Since the time we lost our 'instinct' in the allegorical 'Garden of Eden' we have been cursed with an imperfect intelligence and constant CHOICE. Through continual trial and error our higher components learn the outcome of our choices. When we destroy and take the choice from others, we suffer what the ancients called 'karma'. We get a taste of what we dished out so that we can later inwardly know what is 'right' and 'wrong'. This 'law of karma' comes automatically when the higher level 'choice' laws are broken. Karma is the one inviolate law of our Universe and Creator. Higher Level CHOICE is the exact opposite to the system of domination that has remained in place for thousands of years over Earth's people. We must learn to make Fully Responsible Higher Level Choices for the loving benefit and Freedom of Choice for All Mankind.

In the early spiritual records much of this concept is given in much confusing terminology. Regardless of the origins of the concept however, the condition is easily provable as a fact and anyone with any degree of awareness and observation can prove that 'karma' is a reality. Cause and effect are never separated.

For more than a decade now, karma or retribution return laws have been speeded up to the point that we can see the results very quickly. If someone you know dominates or cheats others with the knowledge that it is wrong, you will see them get their similar 'retribution' in a matter of weeks, months, or years. By careful observation and understanding you can learn what will soon befall people, groups or nations. If you really wish to know what the end of our human society and world will be like, you simply magnify these factors. All humans have an inner ability to weigh and put patterns in place that will lay the groundwork for the future. Your higher level components can foretell the probable future very accurately. Because the majority of souls continue in roughly the same patterns, the outcome of their combined directions can be closely approximated. Business people who are really successful do it all the time on a lesser scale. Do you think McDonalds will build a restaurant in an area where they haven't done a future market scan?

Because of variables there may be two or more possibilities, of course, but any good predictors that know human behavior patterns can pretty well sum up the end of our world. Dozens of famous prophesiers have given us some pretty close scenarios already. At the moment we have several possibilities.

First, the greatest threat to the large scale mass destruction of humans is the coming 'pole shift' or flood predicted at or near the turn of the century. Our planet has an automatic rejuvenation cycle that comes up every so often, every 9 to 12,000 years. Literally hundreds of psychics, seers in the past and now scientists at one little known "Institute of Technology" and other 'think tanks' have come to the same conclusion. As the incredibly great masses of ice build up and/or break loose at the south pole, the portions that are heavier on one side cause the unbalanced Earth to 'wobble'. At present the earth is wobbling so far, i.e., the axis is nutating about 4 seconds of arc, that the gulf stream currents are off at least 4 miles in most places. As a result, weather conditions have become more chaotic with each passing year and by the mid 90's food production had become a real problem for humanity. Persons who remain skeptical simply because their government or recognized scientists are not telling them of the problem are simply naive. Government scientists have known of the problem since the 20's and many good books are filled with nearly iron clad evidence and logic that is typical of other 'disaster' data that the governments ignore or suppress. With our choice prerogative however, it is part of the scheme of things to allow us to escape the 'pole shift' cataclysm if we can get off our 'dreamland' ride long enough to get some action going.

Tesla, Fermi, Einstein and other scientists and the events of this century have pumped up technology to the point we now may have the means to prevent the shift. Technology can dematerialize vast quantities of ice and all it takes is a little large scale teamwork.

Once the unbalanced ice problem is corrected, we can use our brain power to rejuvenate the vast areas of land that have had their nutrients and lighter trace elements washed out of the soil. One of the problems facing us, of course, is the fact that there are a number of 'elite' manipulators who profit by wars and selling chemicals. Chemicals to boost plant growth in worn out soil and in medicine to treat sickly persons who eat foods from worn out soils is big business.

Most humans are so lacking in common sense and self-determination that overcoming the obstacles seems almost impossible. For years I have spoken with persons who have volunteered to try to overcome some of these problems and prevent the coming chaos and disaster. Hundreds of thousands of humans here on earth carry an extra 'spiritual' component that could be termed 'alien' to this planet. Whether they know it or not, they have entered into an agreement with the Creator and volunteered to be His Teachers. Many of these 'volunteers' are only partially aware of what they have volunteered to do, others are not. Those who are not, remain 'clouded' for their own safety. In a domination-based society, major changes against the system are dangerous. Thousands of persons who differed enough have wound up getting themselves eliminated in one way or another. The ironic part of all this is probably the fact that the many 'elite' power wielders and even religious groups who only 'think' they are smart enough to escape this problem are so myopic in their projections. They cannot see their own danger, for what they give must return.

The Mormons have built vast underground networks of food filled caverns. Many of the so-called 'elite' have whole underground installations. All of which will do little good if their areas are under vast areas of snow and ice or even water. Some of the 'elite' have even thought of going to other areas of this solar system. These solutions too are beset with problems too complex to cover in this short work.

The whole show boils down to keeping peace long enough to keep enough technology intact to correct the ice problem, as one good nuclear war would probably automatically sentence 99% of life on earth to death, and the problem of precession would be moot.

If the cause for the precession of the axis of rotation is not dealt with, it will not be pretty. Mother Earth will renew Herself with or without our help, as has been witnessed by the cultural memory of past civilizations carried forward in the many 'flood' myths of almost all the various cultures and religions. Two and three hundred mile an hour winds and more. Twenty thousand feet high waves of water will clean off our handiwork as a lawnmower cleans off grass. The rubble of former life forms and civilizations caught in earlier 'floods' is piled all over the face of our planet as evidence.

Probably second in danger to humanity is war. Over and over outside forces of awesome technology and wisdom have short-circuited the almost certain beginnings of nuclear disaster. Dozens of examples of this 'overriding' effect by what many feel are 'alien' guardians are on the books. Every now and then nuclear-armed space hardware is still blown out of the sky when we ignore warnings. A typical example on record was when the army of Golda Meir was halted 60 miles short of Cairo with their nuclear weapons. To this day no officer present can explain what really happened to halt the whole army against higher orders.

Enough is enough, however, and the word has been out that we are just about ready to get another taste of what we constantly try to get through our irresponsible actions. Mothers and fathers are still all too willing to let their children be led away to war with little resistance on their part. The mideast is such a hot spot that any prophet who predicted a nuclear war beginning there as a result of 'religious and ethnic hatreds' would probably be assured of a correct prognosis. In viewing the situation from a higher perspective, we see the souls caught in Russia today going through a lesson in gaining confidence and freedom after a long and degrading period of restriction of choice and domination, but we can see that they and we are in no way free of it. We all still have a long way to go.

Americans, on the other hand, are about to get a lesson in humility on what happens when we stick our nose in the business of other nations. We are a reasonably well meaning people and this factor alone will probably ensure that we will survive any assaults against us. We just need a lesson in humility and to take action against tyranny.

We keep butting in to the business of other nations and continue to allow the 'elite' to erode away our inherent Creator given natural freedoms as enumerated in the ideals of the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence. This adds up to having our prestige and power stripped away for a time. If we don't return to a purer 'choice' system, we will suffer under a great deal of domination at the end of the century and the beginning of the next.

I could judge that there is a 40% chance that much of our world will be blown apart in a nuclear catastrophe by the turn of the century. Many psychics have looked down on our nation and have seen the orange glowing explosions over much of the populated areas of our nation. How bad this will be will depend on both outside intervention and our choice. Some of the psychics tell us that in their visions, the nuclear destruction is only a fraction of what it would be without benevolent intervention from our 'alien' monitors.

Again, the Creator, and more knowledgeable beings of intelligence, are not about ready to let us blow our planet into oblivion as a result of our childlike stupidity, but, like children, we are about to get a very useful but painful lesson. With that pain will come a 'shift' of perception toward true reality, Spiritual Reality, away from the dominating illusions, mythologies and dogmas of the past. It will be a wake-up call to all mankind.

"When you are awake the dream is gone... When you are Enlightened the 'world of illusion' is gone ... and the TRUTH will set you FREE."

Individually, in our worldly drunken illusory view, we are severely limited in what we can do. By ourselves, we can do little or nothing except drown out the bleaknesses and frustrations of life. A man without power is NOTHING. With POWER, however, ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE. That POWER is, of course, SPIRITUAL POWER, the POWER of THE CREATOR .... mankind needs power, lots of it, to survive. This means getting in touch with the SOURCE of power and the ONENESS of all things ..... so that every act becomes a spiritual act, every day a spiritual day. It is thus that we come to live a COMPLETELY SPIRITUAL LIFE and we come to the Full Realization that the visible world is but a part of a GREATER SPIRITUAL WORLD, and that the Spiritual world and the Visible world are One Reality.

I say, once again, these are things that I know -

Peace and happiness are available in every moment. Peace is in every step.

We shall learn to walk hand in hand.

There are no political or theological solutions to spiritual problems.

The ONLY solution is the TRUTH.

Remember, If the Creator put it there, it is in the right place. The soul would have no rainbow if the eyes had no tears.

I know that All must be brought into the Sacred Hoop for it to be mended. I often wonder how we will bring those who do not see even the simplest of Circles into the greatest Circle of all.

Then I remember it is a thing that has been promised by Spirit.
That is how I know it will come to be.

A HO! Love and Peace!
Barefoot Windwalker

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