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Chapter 6
The Secret Armies

"Before Donald D. Maclean could cast off his secret life and emerge as a member of the new ruling elite in a Soviet-controlled Europe, however, there was the problem of America. In the immediate post-war period, it seemed an even bet that the United States would wash its hands of Europe's intractable problems and revert to isolationism. But ... " writes Verne W. Newton, in his landmark study of espionage, "The Cambridge Spies," the new President "[Harry S.] Truman's resolve stiffened."

When, in 1848, the pirate Jean Lafitte met Frederich Engels and Karl Marx in Paris, to give them $50,000 in gold for the support of revolutionary politics and communism, he could little imagine that their descendants would be the privileged young men of Britain, in the 1930s. Newton's book is subtitled "Philby, Burgess and Maclean in America," and was published by Madison Books in 1991. It tells, in clear and lively prose, the story of the pro-Soviet spy ring organized by Kim Philby and fronted by Maclean, the very picture of a British diplomat -- urbane, witty, and a rising star when he was sent to Washington. In ten years as a spy he did immense damage to the Allied cause, and it was later revealed that the aristocratic art expert, Anthony Blount, was the "fourth man" in this conspiracy. The revolutionary vanguard of the proletariat, as Marx envisioned it, was to be something other than highly educated and well-fed gentlemen, upper-middle class heathens suborned by communist sympathizers in the academic community of Cambridge.

What was evident, and obvious, to the "nomenklatura" of the Party and their allies in the secret police bureaucracy of the Soviet bloc, was the necessity of fighting the Cold War with agents, in small unit actions, and secret armies. The reality of this mode of warfare also became obvious to Dwight D. Eisenhower, who supervised the growth of the national security establishment while promoting nuclear stalemate by investing so heavily in bombers and missiles.

As has almost always been the case with great generals, Eisenhower looked at the most effective, and terrible, weapons of the previous war and expected them to be the implements of combat in the next war. By contrast, for the last twenty years of his life, Buckminster Fuller concentrated on the invisible nature of combat in the Cold War. He recognized that the warring parties used their spies, their spy technology and their secret armies to fight each other in what John F. Kennedy called "the long twilight struggle." He understood that the Cold War was firstly a propaganda war and that international public opinion was the battlefield terrain to be mastered.

The Dons of Cambridge who recruited the likes of Burgess, Philby and Maclean and other young English gentlemen, into the cause of Soviet-style communism, viewed capitalism as the problem and capitalists as the enemy. They seldom, if ever, made the connection between the front organizations which shielded the royal families and the profits they shared with their money factors.

They considered that line to have been terminated with the deaths of the family Romanov -- and the expulsion of the kings of Romania and Yugoslavia, and the partial destruction of their State churches.

The alliance of convenience between Great Britain, the United States and the Soviet Union -- against the NAZI tyranny of Adolph Hitler and the nationalist warlords of Japan -- paid handsome dividends for the Communist Party of the U.S.A. and for the communist fellow travelers recruited and inspired at Cambridge. To this day, no one really knows how many communist agents were recruited into the State Department during the tenure of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, or how wide the web of fellow travelers created by the CPUSA, and its front organizations, really was.

After the disaster of McCarthyism in the mid-1950s, though, came the rise of the Secret Armies, which began, as Buckminster Fuller notes, with an arms build-up: "the Russians assumed after the Khrushchev-Eisenhower Geneva Meeting of 1955 that atomic bomb warfare would never occur -- that is the way the U.S.S.R. played their poker hand. They assumed only enough atomic bomb-making to camouflage their strategy, while they counted on conventional arms".

For much of the 1960s and '70s, the Red Army was, in fact, an employment program organized by the communist bureaucracy to stave off social collapse, and to provide a rationale for the failure of socialism to provide a higher standard of living, even while steel and oil and chemical production soared. Except for stomping down dissidents in Hungary and Czechoslovakia, the Red Army was of no particular value in any of the great power conflicts of the modern era. The success of Soviet arms in the Viet Nam conflict was attributable to the fanatic dedication, endurance, and nationalism of the communist regime, the Viet Minh.

When a great power did adopt Soviet combat doctrine, and arms, in a conflict with the western allies, it led to shameful and utter defeat: it is only the perfidy of George Bush and his advisors that allowed "the tyrant" Saddam Hussein to escape complete destruction in the Gulf War. The spectacle of having Iraqi soldiers surrender, en masse to helicopter-borne forces (and to journalists!), should forever change the doctrine of combined arms. Air-Land battle tactics have been proven, at least as it applies to the terrain of desert and semi-arid environments. So, too, the greatest success in the Gulf War was carried out by small units who engaged the Iraqi air defense network with computer viruses and electronic jamming devices, in advance of the aerial assault. They crippled, and then disabled, a sophisticated and very expensive air defense network in just a matter of hours, in actions taken over a few days. Two important developments followed the suspension of the Gulf War, which made the 1990s so different from the 1940s: first, the truncated period of the war prolonged the recession in the American economy, instead of relieving it; second, the invisible government of bankers and global free traders decided to disengage the United States from the one-hundred year plan of industrial supremacy which had produced the greatest steel-making and metals-working skills ever known.

Jobs and factories and whole industries were shut down or moved or shed intact, at the direction of the money factors who stand behind the royal families and Wall Street. It was accomplished with stunning rapidity with the help of a Congress so supine and corrupt -- the 103rd -- that the poets and dramatists of the future will work it like a Colorado Motherlode. The oil supply was intact, the family Bush was rated at 90% approval, and the American people received -- not a big pay-off! -- but rather, "the Big Kiss-Off."

The purpose of the fighting in the Gulf was well-understood, and explained by Fuller in 1981:

"Whoever owned the mines had incredible power, but never as great as those who controlled the line of supply." As the great inventor understood then, the multi-national corporations were now "out of reach of the laws of any one country," and that "the absolute need of the large financing and credit at magnitudes rarely affordable by any one individual, we find finance capitalism integrating the world operation." So two hundred and twenty years after kicking the British out of these American lands, the people of the United States were "impressed" by the merchant bankers of the British royal family, to go and rescue the royal family of Kuwait, itself a creation of their Arab policy of the 1920s. The irony of this will begin to penetrate the American national mind, as Gulf War Syndrome and Illness continue to kill our veterans and to poison their families. There is an account which has gone unpaid!

There, too, is the key to understanding the nature of the real combat which was carried on between the Soviet Union, and its successor, Russia -- against the United States and Great Britain, over the sixty-plus years since the Cambridge Dons plied their trade and recruited the Philbys of this world. Look at the success of gaining an agent like Aldrich 'Rick' Ames: for less money than it costs to train a company of infantry, his handlers gained massive amounts of information, and captured or killed at least ten spies created by the American handlers in charge of the opposing Secret Armies.

Since the collapse of Soviet-style communism, the arena of conflict is now economic espionage (and trade policy), and the arsenal of the Secret Armies has expanded to include nerve gas, biotech weapons thought to be based on Anthrax, and variations of self-replicating "mailer" or computer macro-viruses. There exists the possibility of an electronic "Pearl Harbor," resulting in the destruction of various computer networks, or so the experts have been fond of saying since 1994.

Again, the spy -- like John Henry in 1809-10, or Donald Maclean in 1945-48 -- is the critical element enabling the operation of these Secret Armies. Understanding human nature as well as any men since the Renaissance, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison and their allies in the creation of the original Thirteenth Amendment sought to provide the new Republic with a durable and resilient form of protection against such men as John Henry and the mad visionary and genius, Aaron Burr.

The wording of the original Thirteenth Amendment seems to establish, that U.S. citizenship has a higher or federal octave, and a lower or State-centered octave, which the Constitution for the United States places under the control of Congress in all matters except the Titles of Nobility and Honour. There is no flexibility there.

The core of citizenship is thus derived from the state where a person has his legal residence, and as a classification internal to the United States, whatever privileges and immunities a person enjoys in say, New Jersey, must be honored in Utah, and every other state. The Ninth Amendment would seem, therefore, to guarantee that a citizen not be debarred any additional benefits -- privileges and immunities -- erected by a given State, regardless of where a person is resident!

So, a person would get all the protections of their home State and any that might also apply under the laws of a State where they would be visiting, working or even traveling. Then, the Tenth Amendment guarantee of non-interference would be augmented by the original Thirteenth not consolidated and compromised, as it has been, under the "contested" or so-called Fourteenth Amendment.

Secondly, the prior establishment of the original Thirteenth Amendment also prevents the so-called Fourteenth from impacting the guarantees of the Ninth, Tenth and the anti-slavery Amendment now called "Thirteenth." In fact, the Bill of Rights and all subsequent sections are listed as "declaratory and restrictive" amendments which both contain and define federal powers, except as they might explicitly change the relationship of the States to each other and to the federal government which is their creation -- their agent -- as they are the principals or managing partners.

The anti-slavery Amendment is augmented by the provisions of the original Thirteenth Amendment, and with the two-octave concept of U.S. citizenship that is established, it provides -- or would have provided, had it not been suppressed -- greater and more comprehensive guarantees for the freedmen than were ever obtained under the contested or "rump" Fourteenth Amendment. Adding the Amendment which is now properly called the Fifteenth, the whole sorry superstructure of white supremacy and Jim Crow would have been overturned in twenty years, or thirty at the most, instead of being carried forward into the middle of the 1960s.

Being the creation of radicals intent on punishing the former officers and landed gentry of the rebellious southern States, the so-called Fourteenth has in actual fact been used by the giant business combinations, which were and are still financed by the money factors loyal to the royal families of Europe (and now, Brunei and Saudi Arabia), to complete the dominance of the American Republic by what Lindbergh called "the invisible government." Or, we can find it described by Fuller in 1981:

"The U.S.A. is not run by its would-be 'democratic' government. All the latter can do is try to adjust to the initiatives already taken by [the] great corporations. Nothing can be more pathetic than the role that has been played by the President of the United States, whose power is approximately zero. Nevertheless, the news media and most over-thirty-years-of-age U.S.A. citizens carry on as if the president had supreme power."

The truth of this analysis given by Buckminster Fuller was established by the way NAFTA -- the North American Free Trade Agreement -- was ram-rodded in Congress and the way both big business and the oligarchy of Mexico employed every known form of propaganda and distortion to achieve victory. The destruction of America's manufacturing base, by this well-planned subterfuge, is exceeded only by the destructive effects of massive increases in cocaine smuggling and money-laundering.

So, too, the approval of the GATT in a lame-duck session of the very same Congress -- the 103rd -- further demonstrates that the new World Trade Organization is one of the concluding acts of the great Wilsonian plan. The true patriot can make an argument for establishing a world forum for trade: as so many wars have started over trading rights and access to raw materials, an America First policy, here in the digital 1990s, could be a real benefit, a godsend.

program enacted by Franklin Delano Roosevelt -- and fully realized by Lyndon B. Johnson as The Great Society. Micro-electronics, the fax, the personal computer and a libertarian frame of mind are making the Democrat's social welfare of the 1930s and its bastard child, social engineering, politically bankrupt.

The principal achievement of Mr. William Jefferson Clinton will be seen, eventually, as his recognition of these facts; and his ability to 'massage' the old FDR coalition, keeping its support, even as the Democratic party is disintegrating into factions. And, more to the point, he has used this following to implement an unconstitutional "consolidation" of the federal government into a single -- or unitary -- "general" government, embracing the courts, and the police.

By using Executive Orders, and by having his allies in the House craft legislation which is in violation of every principle ever embraced by James Madison and Thomas Jefferson, Mr. Clinton seeks to fully re-establish the power of the President. Remember that the massacre at Waco was not an accident, not a failure of the FBI bureaucracy -- it was policy! It was, in fact, the same kind of policy that Princes and Petty Tyrants have always used.

The year is now 1997: the long-suppressed original Thirteenth Amendment has become known to millions of citizens, even if the arguments for and against it are not yet fully understood. The fact that it stipulates loss of citizenship for retaining Titles of Nobility and Honour, and for those violations of laws that Congress might pass regarding any "pension, prize, office or emolument" from any "Emperor, King, Prince or foreign power", directly contradicts the strategy being employed by the Clinton administration, to establish a Presidential Democracy on the shoulders of a Judicial Tyranny which has been a-building since the rights and sovereignty of Oregon was suborned by the so-called Fourteenth Amendment (improperly elected State legislators cannot validate any proposed Constitutional Amendment).

That Tyranny of the Courts, augmented by the manipulations of Franklin D. Roosevelt and his debasement of U.S. monetary values as contained in the Gold Reserve Act of 1934, now rests on American society at large. That social order, or the lack of it, must now be identified, in a general way, as an Anarchy of Lawyers. Never in human history has there been such a glut of lawyers and Attorneys at the Bar, and so little actual justice -- social, commercial, or civic -- as there exists in the United States of the 1990s.

Only under this Presidential Democracy could Congress pass a "gun control" law which bars the common citizen from owning a specific type of rifle -- the Kalashnikov AK-47 -- while the Chief Magistrate subsequently breaks bread and pours coffee with a Chinese government agent who was plotting to smuggle that same weapon by thousands into these United States. Who was paid handsomely by the communist government of China to exert his influences and to plot further smuggling adventures, which might include rocket-propelled grenades and shoulder-launched missiles! Only in an Anarchy of Lawyers could the self-governing instincts of the average or common citizen be so defeated and debased!

As Vladimir I. Lenin once asked, in another context: "What Is To Be Done?"

The goal of this extended analysis and essay is three-fold:

A) It is clear the external or higher octave of U.S. citizenship encompasses and activates that lower octave of State citizenship. The penalty written into the Constitution by James Madison and his allies in the world of 1810, and finally established in the actions of the Virginia legislature in 1819, prescribe a loss of citizenship. It also prohibits those persons convicted by due process, of serving in any federal or state "office of Profit and Trust". Thus, a person is reduced to resident alien, protected under the law and Constitution as such, and empowered to work but barred from all the basics of responsible citizenship. It is an awesome penalty but one that has no political dimension with regard to Honours or Noble Titles, and a very broad political dimension with regard to the "pensions and prizes" that Congress might approve and allow!

B) It seems very flexible on the down-stream side and rock-solid on the upstream, or "purity of origin" side of the creek. One cannot poison the well of American republicanism with Titles or Honours, but the changing relationships of our citizens with foreign kings, princes and powers are subject to the law-making power of Congress, and to its corrective measures over time and by the changing nature of the population!

C) This is far superior to the creation of "a rump citizenry" based on a Fourteenth Amendment established by deceit and military force, a purely "federal" citizenship founded on a system of law which pounds the life out of State sovereignty. Which leads to a consolidation of power, without establishing that the external nature of U.S. citizenship is an armor against the vicissitudes of the world at large.

D) The original Thirteenth Amendment appears to uphold the genius of the Ninth and Tenth Amendments while clearly defining the two-octave harmony of U.S. citizenship; and with the anti-slavery Amendments (excepting the bogus, so-called Fourteenth), it does well in establishing more grounds for the individual citizen to enjoy every immunity and privilege -- against any and all downstream, or subsequent, encroachments of various federal and State laws.

The sole freedom lost by the ratification of the original Thirteenth revolves around artificial rewards that have their origin in the musings and mythologies of ancient Kings and Princes, or the fulminations of modern war lords. That is a small purchase price for obtaining the harmony of dual octave citizenship, hard armored against a cruel world, soft and adaptive within the union; and all the while ennobling the individual in his every contact with local or State governments.

The world of the 1990s was produced over hundreds of years by the planned interactions and the "chance" encounters of millions of creative and dynamic men and women, many of whom migrated to these United States to escape the agonies of life under royalist tyranny, or the economic collapses engineered from time to time by the money factors who control "the invisible government." The next battleground for these powers is and will be the new electronic web known as "the Internet." That concept actually encompasses all parts of the giant new telecommunications network, including fax trees, phone networks, and the "kitchen militia" -- millions of newly computer-literate mothers, and well-informed grandmothers.

On one side, the NAFTA cats and the GATT-heads seek to disable, dissolve and finally destroy the Republic of the founding fathers. It is old-fashioned, cumbersome and expensive to maintain (requiring, as it does, a billion dollars of bribe moneys which have to be secretly routed and cleansed every two and four years). The international banking elite has no loyalty to these United States, nor to any Kingdom or principality they do not presently control or own cooperatively. The money factors of Wall Street care little for the guarantees and protections that the Bill of Rights provides, while spending lavishly over the years since isolationism and Charles Lindbergh, Jr., were defeated, to establish a new gentry -- the idol-worshipping Hollywood Aristocracy. One is not elected into that aristocracy, one is selected or appointed or falls into it by accident of birth. What was once the domain of free-wheeling and libertarian-minded entrepreneurs has become sheerly and utterly political. The morally-debased trash that passes for entertainment, as produced by these Hollywood barons and Moguls (a powerful and important person, with autocratic power), has had the effect of creating despair, mental fatigue and a kind of defeatism in the American people at large.

The same effects were created in the French population prior to the onset of World War II, by fascist-minded collaborators and conspirators financed from Germany and Italy -- propagandists operating as part of the Secret Army of NAZI tyranny. So, too, the Viet Minh suborned the Buddhist elite of the south and turned them against the Catholic oligarchy left in place when the French colonial military power was kicked out. So, too, the agents of Political Correctness on college campuses hew to the philosophy of Deconstructionism as created by Paul de Man, who was at Yale in the period 1970 to 1983. Like Donald D. Maclean, he was often described as "urbane, witty and charming." After his death it was discovered that he was a NAZI apologist during the second War, writing in both Flemish and French as a correspondent for Le Soir in occupied Belgium. Although he was a correspondent and not an editor, most of his 170 articles showed a marked preference for fascist order over romantic individualism. He viewed the war of Adolph Hitler as "a revolution that aims at organizing European society in a more equitable manner."

In the United States of the 1990s, the academic leftists cling to the substance of his philosophy, Deconstructionism, which is actually a weapon of mass destruction, a view of art and literature devoid of moral foundations, designed to produce despair and confusion in a whole generation of college-educated youths. In its effects, it is remarkably similar to the propaganda directed at France in the years before Hitler attacked Poland, and it came to fruition during the Phony War (1940).

The academic elite which still holds this philosophy is Marxist in their views and orientation. But, they are gullible and willing to be the tools of Bill Clinton's Presidential Democracy, and the mass education-based form of National Socialism, that his allies are crafting. They are, not surprisingly, using an old British model to advance their agenda. They create a small Tory class at the top of most organizations, while Marxist labor activists control the broad mass of workers -- often without their knowledge or will -- using grass-roots social policy groups or unions. Both are well-funded by the giant Foundations who connect these parasites with the Aristocracy of Hollywood.

More than one hundred years ago, the royalist front organizations of Great Britain tried to shape and mold the great mass of humanity in the states of India, first by entangling alliances, then by military conquest, and then with propaganda and cultural warfare. Their Secret Armies were then less effective than they are now, as H.G. Wells (a proponent of world socialist government), observed in his 1939 book, The Fate of Man:

"The British ruling class has been unable to impose modern ideas upon India for the simple reason that it does not possess them itself. The indebtedness is the other way around. The British picked up the idea of caste from the Brahmins," said Wells. "In India there are numerous rich men, great industrialists, wealthy maharajas and the like, but it has still to dawn on any of them that a great, growing, liberating mass of knowledge exists in the world beyond [their] present reach...."

The original Thirteenth Amendment was designed to protect what Wells called the "hundreds of thousands of fine brains, which need only educational emancipation and opportunity, laboratories, colleges, publications ... [and] discussion with the rest of the world" to achieve liberation and success. Jefferson and Madison had the American people in mind, as Wells had the Indian people in mind. Now both peoples can be linked by a common language -- English -- with the satellite-borne communications that enable the Internet to be what it is, today. The peoples of India know very well, by a long and painful association with their neighbor, China, just what real tyranny and ambition lies in "the Middle Kingdom."

The opportunity now exists for the people of the United States, working through their State legislatures, to reclaim their patrimony, to reject the false friendship of the regime of British royalty and its invisible backers in the world of international finance. The original Thirteenth Amendment is not a club to be used in crushing the skulls of lawyers or even of Attorneys at the Bar, provided they eschew the estaté noblessé, a status of nobility they have acquired since FDR "reformed" American courts and made them into "administrative" or admiralty-based courts-martial (in or around 1938).

"A society becomes totalitarian when its structure becomes flagrantly artificial: that is," writes George Orwell, "when its ruling class has lost its function but succeeds in clinging to power by force or fraud. Such a society, no matter how long it persists, can never afford to become either tolerant or intellectually stable. It can never permit either the truthful recording of facts or the emotional sincerity that literary creation demands.

"But to be corrupted by totalitarianism one does not have to live in a totalitarian country. The mere prevalence of certain ideas can spread a kind of poison ..." said Orwell, in "The Prevention of Literature." Here was not arguing for "speech codes" or the creation of "hate crimes," but rather against such a noxious abuse of the academy, the college, or the press corps.

As William S. Cardell was prophetic in his warnings against the creation of a Mock Nobility in New York -- where the annointments are made by gossip columnists and the "social X-rays" of the foundation and charities crowd -- so too, George Orwell warned against the consolidation of literary power in the media, no matter if it might be all conservative or all liberal.

"To exercise your right of free speech you have to fight against economic pressure and against strong sections of public opinion, but not, as yet, against a secret police force. You can say or print almost anything so long as you are willing to do it in a hole-and-corner way.

"But what is sinister, is that the conscious enemies of liberty are those to whom liberty ought to mean most. The big public [Well's common man] do not care about the matter one way or the other. They are not in favour of persecuting the heretic, and they will not exert themselves to defend him.

"They are at once too sane and too stupid to acquire the totalitarian outlook. The direct, conscious attack on intellectual decency comes from the intellectuals themselves."

Let no one mistake what Orwell is driving at here: the academy which teaches Deconstructionism is using a propaganda weapon against the very people, the boys and girls who will be men and women, that it will solicit for funding in later years. It is suicidal, but it is wholly consistent with the anarchist wing of Marxist, campus-based politics. The use of a weapon of mass destruction, such as Paul de Man's Deconstructionism, violates all the rules of warfare as laid down by the Wilsonians after the first World War. No matter: the ruination of the language protects the political interests of a dictator, especially one who knowingly orders the use of tanks and lethal tear gas against men, women and children holed up in a religious compound (Waco).

"So long as physical reality cannot altogether be ignored, so long as two and two have to make four when you are, for example, drawing the blueprint of an aeroplane, the scientist has his function, and can even be allowed a measure of liberty.

"His awakening will come later, when the totalitarian state is firmly established. Meanwhile, if he wants to safeguard the integrity of science," writes Orwell, "it is his job to develop some kind of solidarity with his literary colleagues and not disregard it as a matter of indifference when writers are silenced or driven to suicide, and newspapers systematically falsified."

Add to those categories the honest lawyer, the true patriot, Admirals like Jeremy "Mike" Boorda and common soldiers like Michael New. The original Thirteenth Amendment was intended to give these persons -- amongst all of our people, the American citizenry -- the protective mantle or cloak that the early federalists would have called "civic virtue."

It is not visible but it is luminous just the same. It is not a heavy garment, but it is -- without any doubt -- the strongest material ever known. It may not save a life in every instance but it allows a man, or a woman, to give their life for their country, and to die with their honor intact.

It is -- finally -- a clear indicator that this struggle, between the Secret Armies loyal to various factions who now seek hegemony on the Global Plantation, and the forces of Liberty loyal to the people, is a fight to the death, a Cultural War, as one witty fellow once put it, on a podium in Houston. Those who love Liberty also love republicanism, and will see new merit in the old words of Madison, Hamilton and their crew; and they will find old wisdom in the design of Article V, and write new words that will restore what was stolen, and will overturn the many usurpations of the so-called Fourteenth Amendment. The digital age is an age of corrections of the old, as well as of discovery of the new. Information widely compared will generate truth!

And if this is not true, then the many destructions of war, as is being carried on by the Secret Armies, is all that is left of the American patrimony. The message in that fact is so grim:

What the American people have lost was taken from them by stealth and in a time of national turmoil: It is and was robbery, felonious conspiracy, and treason. The Secret Armies of the royal families -- including by not limited to the oligarchy of Mexico, the Sultan of Brunei and the Hollywood Aristocracy -- will continue to operate against the people of these States united, will continue to manipulate the money and disguise their ambitions in high-falutin' language, will continue to wreck, suborn, or otherwise disable what remains of this great Republic. And when their work is finally done, they will turn upon their creation -- the Anarchy of Lawyers and the tyranny of administrative judges that they support -- and bitter indeed will be the grief and the howling of that day of settlements, when the price of treason is paid in full.

End of Chapter 6


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Our Enemy, The State by Albert Jay Nock, The Classic Critique Distinguishing "Government" from "State"

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