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The Prescription
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On The Inner Light

A few days ago I was exploring how the Group Conscience sharing Experiences, Strengths, Hopes and Understandings brings life to the Program of Alcoholics Anonymous, and came to the realization that the initial letters of those spell the name, ESHU, used by many native religions down through the ages of recorded history for the name of each individual's innate indwelling divine spirit, the ESHU within.

These native religions extend from India, Chaldea, Sumeria, and Mesopotamia, throughout Africa, and even into the religions of Brazil and Cuba, including the Christianity of the western world.

Jesus is the Greek translation of ESHU. He, a divinely mortal man, Eshu ben Yosep, taught that the Kingdom of God, the Enlightenment, was within each of us, not of the outer physical world.

Years ago, in trying to explain to myself what I had experienced, I wrote this..
"The ENLIGHTENMENT is the LOVING SPIRITUAL ORGASM resulting from the psychic union of the two cerebral male/female hemispheres, the left and the right. Outside this state of loving spiritual matrimony, a person is not less than human, but is certainly less than whole, and far from divine. For myself, and I am not alone in this, I found that it is accompanied by an awareness of a great white light, a Stillness, and a KNOWINGNESS about myself and my intimate relationship with my Creator. I do not find it strange that the word "enlightenment" exactly describes the process."

In like manner, as I was searching for understanding and historical significance of this indwelling spirit, I found that it was anciently, pre-hebraic, from the beginning of recorded history, attributed to the spirit born as a result of the marriage of the names of the two primal spirits/entities, Jah, the male, with Hawah, the female, into one wholeness, Jahawah, which in ancient Aramaic-Hebraic is JHWH, the unutterable name for the Creator, androgynous, neither male nor female, yet both. It would seem that mankind has been struggling to understand for a long time. Today I have come to the understand that about all I can do is ACCEPT that IT IS the I AM.

I wrote that this internal ESHU is the liberator-comforter-redeemer-teacher, a hard teacher, but a very good one, which has the sole purpose of bringing us to MATURATION as a complete, fully evolved, human being, in conscious contact with and serving the Creator's purpose. This ESHU within ECHOES the TRUTH of the voice of Group Conscience, and as it reverberates within, forces each of us to look at the defects within ourselves, so that we may see ourselves in true light, recognize our wrongs and change them, so that we are better able to lovingly serve the Creator and our fellowman. It is our ESHU that makes each individual remember to do good, and perform well without doing harm.

I am here trying to bring together what I know and have experienced, as I am able to set aside the chaos of the physical world and reach way down inside my being to my ESHU, as I become still and KNOW the I AM.

I have written many times that the Creator has sent many messages of love to mankind, by many messengers, to uplift the human race to high pinnacles from which it has always fallen, and will continue to fall until we listen with inner ears to these messages from Soul of God to Soul of man. God's Silent Voice, ESHU, forever speaks to all men and women from within, but few will hear it, and know its meaning, and the vast many know not what it means. The few who do hear it and know its meaning, bring messages of Love to those who do not know, to tell them what Love means. God's plan is for we humans to learn the lesson of Love, upon which the universe is based.

The time has come in the world for complete reconciliation among people of all nations and cultures. All the various religious theosophies must let go their inerrantist elitism, that theirs is not the only spiritual path and recognize that in the Universal Spirit, the ESHU, that we are all ONE.

Having presented this universal ESHU, it’s important to acknowledge that in daily personal spirituality, one uses the practices, concepts, and ceremonies of one’s own religion and culture. Families everywhere flourish best when using their own religious customs. These evoke the spirit and love of God in particular ways, thus becoming sacred. Universalism is not a call to deny one’s unique ways.

It is a call to cleanse our hearts and minds of prejudice against others in the name of the Creator. The evil of prejudice overtakes even the most well-intended, causing moral people to commit immoral acts, justified in the name of religious or ethnic purity. And this prejudice does not just occur in war. It occurs in daily life, in little ways. All peoples, religious and non-religious, have felt the sting of prejudice against them. Many secularists in society today have an anti-any-religion attitude, and they base their prejudice on the negative actions of religious people against others different than themselves throughout the ages.

A "new" spirituality needs to be born. One that is universal. One that allows God to be God of all people. One that has faith that God can and will save all the souls that can be saved, no matter what their religious or nonreligious perspective.

I personally have found no better path to that spirituality than the 12 simple steps of Alcoholics Anonymous, or The Steos to Inner Peace by Peace Pilgrim.

A word of note – The Bible, the Pentateuch, the Kabala, the Koran, the Bhagavad Gita and all other "Gospels" did not arrive by Telex from God. They were written by men as they recorded their impressions and oral histories through the ages, just as I am recording mine here, and they have been bungled and corrupted, fanaticized, mythified, mistified and falsified, through many translations and interpretations, yet they all proclaim the Truth of the Oneness of All Creation.

Hokh!!! Mitakuye o'yasin, maka sitomni, hecitu welo!!!
Yes!!! We are all relatives, all things on earth, it is indeed so!!!

Love and Peace, Barefoot

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