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The Prescription
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Officer Bill -1917

2nd Lt. William G. Wilson - 1917
The Co-Founder of A.A. as a young Artillery Officer
Battery C, 66th Field Artillery, CAC, WWI

He too was young once, and didn't have a clue
of what the future held in store for him.

"When The Caissons Go Rolling Along"

It was then that he read the epitaph on the tombstone of the
Hampshire Grenadier referred to on page 1 of the Big Book.

"The Hampshire Grenadier"

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As in so many things, especially with we alcoholics, our History is our Greatest Asset!.. We each arrived at the doors of AA with an intensive and lengthy "History of Things That Do Not Work" .. Today, In AA and In Recovery, Our History has added an intensive and lengthy "History of Things That DO Work!!" and We will not regret the past nor wish to shut the door on it!!

ABC Page 60 from the Big Book


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