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The Prescription
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So, on this late fall afternoon in 1937, Smithy and I were talking together in his living room, Anne sitting there, when we began to count noses. How many people had stayed dry; in Akron, in New York, maybe a few in Cleveland? How many had stayed dry and for how long? And when we added up the total, it sure was a handful of, I don't know, 35 to 40 maybe. But enough time had elapsed on enough really fatal cases of alcoholism, so that we grasped the importance of these small statistics.

Bob and I saw for the first time that this thing was going to succeed. That God in his providence and mercy had thrown a new light into the dark caves where we and our kind had been and were still by the millions dwelling. I can never forget the elation and ecstasy that seized us both. – Bill W., 1954

Although many more than listed were "Stepped" to no avail, the below listed Pioneers are the men and women referred to in the foreword to the First Edition of the Big Book.

Pioneers of Alcoholics Anonymous – 1934 – 1939
All Below Achieved At Least Some Period of Sobriety.
Some who failed may have achieved permanent sobriety later.
Bolded Names Achieved Permanent Sobriety.
1934NameLocationComment/Big Book Story
Dec 11Bill WilsonNew YorkCo-Founder of AA – Bill's Story
Jun 10Dr.Bob SmithAkronCo-Founder of AA – Dr. Bob's Nightmare
JuneEddie ReillyAkronSobered in 1949
JuneDr. McK.AkronFailed to gain long term sobriety
JuneBill DotsonAkronAlcoholics Anonymous No.3 – 2nd Ed
JulyErnie GailbraithAkronThe Seven Month Slip – (An In-and-Outer Slipper)
AugWes WymanAkronSobered in 1949
SeptHank ParkhurstNew YorkThe Unbeliever – 4 yrs. Sober
Drunk Sept 1939
SeptPhil SmithAkron 
OctJohn Henry "Fitz" MayoNew YorkOur Southern Friend
1935Freddie B.New YorkFailed to gain long term sobriety
1935Brooke B.New YorkFailed to gain long term sobriety
1935Bill R.New YorkFailed to gain long term sobriety
1935Ernest M.New YorkFailed to gain long term sobriety
1935Herb D.New YorkFailed to gain long term sobriety
1935AlecNew YorkFailed to gain long term sobriety
1935Russ R.New YorkFailed to gain long term sobriety
1935Bill C.New YorkFailed to gain long term sobriety
1935VictorNew YorkFailed to gain long term sobriety
1935LilNew YorkFailed to gain long term sobriety
JanHarold GrisingerAkron 
FebWalter BrayAkronThe Back-Slider
AprJoe DoepplerAkronThe European Drinker
AprMyron WilliamsNew YorkHindsight
JulyPaul StanleyAkronTruth Freed Me
SeptJ. D. HolmesAkron 
SeptHolland SpencerAkron 
DecBob OviattAkronThe Salesman
FebDick StanleyAkronThe Car Smasher
FebDon McLeanNew York 
FebBill RudellNew YorkA Business Man's Recovery
FebLloyd TateAkron 
FebBill Van HornAkronWard Of The Probate Court
MarHarry ZoellersAkronA Close Shave
MarFlorence RankinNew YorkA Feminine Victory - Returned to drinking & suicide 1939
AprEarl TreatAkronHe Sold Himself Short
AprBob EvansAkron 
MayWally GillamAkronFired Again
MayCharlie SimonsonAkronRiding The Rods
JulyJim ScottAkronTraveler, Editor, Scholar
JulyPaul KelloggNew YorkFailed to gain long term sobriety
SeptBill JonesCleveland 
OctJack WilliamsNew York 
NovTom LucasAkronMy Wife And I
DecNed PoynterNew YorkContinued Sobriety Unknown
1937Jane S.ClevelandSober a few months, Failed to gain long term sobriety
JanJim BurwellNew YorkSlipped, DOS June 15, 1938
The Vicious Cycle – 2nd Ed.
FebClarence SnyderClevelandHome Brewmeister
FebCharlie JonesAkron 
FebRay CampbellNew YorkAn Artist's Concept
FebVan WagnerNew YorkContinued Sobriety Unknown
FebJack DarrowNew YorkContinued Sobriety Unknown
FebNorman HuntNew YorkEducated Agnostic
FebHarold SearsNew YorkSmile With Me, At Me
AprCapt. CoxeNew YorkContinued Sobriety Unknown
MayAbby GoldrickAkronHe Thought He Could Drink – 2nd Ed.
MayBert TaylorNew YorkContinued Sobriety Unknown
MayBob TaylorNew YorkContinued Sobriety Unknown
JuneGeorge WilliamsNew YorkContinued Sobriety Unknown
JuneJoseph TaylorNew YorkContinued Sobriety Unknown
JuneHarry BrickNew YorkA Different Slant
JuneRalph FurlongNew YorkAnother Prodigal Story
JulyBud EmersonNew YorkContinued Sobriety Unknown
SeptArchie TrowbridgeAkronThe Fearful One
SeptHorace MaherNew YorkOn His Way
OctJohn DolanAkron 
DecVaughn PhelpsAkron 
DecHorace CrystalNew YorkWrote Grapevine Articles, 1944
1938Bill H.Clevelandslipped, later gained permanent sobriety
1938Delmar TyronAkronAce Full, Seven-Eleven (wrote story Thanksgiving 1938)
JanPat CooperCalif.The Lone Endeavor
Unknown Sobriety Dates
N/ADoc MoranAkronContinued Sobriety Unknown
N/AHarold GrissomAkronContinued Sobriety Unknown
N/ADr. Howard S.AkronContinued Sobriety Unknown

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As in so many things, especially with we alcoholics, our History is our Greatest Asset!.. We each arrived at the doors of A.A. with an intensive and lengthy "History of Things That Do Not Work" .. Today, In A.A. and In Recovery, Our History has added an intensive and lengthy "History of Things That DO Work!!" and We will not regret the past nor wish to shut the door on it!!

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