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Getting Out -- May - June 2007

May 1, 2007 --
I spent the day writing a "beginners manual" on the operation of the Model T Ford .. The Model T -- A Beginner's Guide by Barefoot -- operational information that I remember from 55 years ago.

After 6pm I took Mom to the dance at the Post Falls Senior Center. All the other "Ol' Farts" there are interested in the project, if only to reminisce. It will be exciting to take her there in the T.

May 2, 2007 --
Made trips into Spokane, Post Falls and Coeur d'Alene to talk with potential sponsors. I left a copy of the website by Lake City Ford in Coeur d'Alene. The executive secretary who received it was excited by the concept and will pass it up the line. I also sent emails to several more potential sponsors nationwide, including National Geographic.

I spent an hour on the phone checking on insurance costs, cheaper by half and with a lot more coverage than my Subaru. Then until bed time I checked my new road atlas for routes for the summer into September of the anticipated itinerary. It will take a lot of work finding back roads and viewing their condition using Google World satellite images.

May 4, 2007 --
I obtained a somewhat less than good photo yesterday of a Wells Fargo strongbox. My nephew Tim will build two of them to look somewhat authentic for the back of the hack to be used for storing camping, camera and computer gear, and as auxiliary seats for additional passengers.

I dummied up a "rear curtain" image to show how sponsors could be listed for the public to read as they pass by.

This is my anticipated routing and scheduling, open to change a day at a time....  

The first outing will be (hopefully) to the campout at Lolo Hot Springs on the L&C trail Memorial Weekend... then via to the National Buffalo range and Flathead Lake to Glacier Park, then back home  for the rest of June to finish equipping the T with Wells Fargo & Co. strong boxes for storing camping gear, computer etc, and also used as passenger seats, making and logoing the side and back curtains... I anticipate that I will attend several of the Campouts in the Northwest  in Montana, Idaho and Washington too in June and July, especially the Yaak River Campout and the Powwow at Inchelium the last of July, after which I will head out to the North Cascades National Park., and take Hwy 1 south along the coast.  I plan on traveling about 4 hours a day, 100-150 miles a day, 4 or 5 days a week, no hurry, see something to look at or investigate or photograph, we stop and look for however long it takes.  

From North Cascades NP to Olympic NP, Lewis and Clark NHP, down Hwy 1 to Coos Bay, jumping inland to Crater Lake NP, then back to the coast via Oregon Caves NM, down Hwy 1 to Redwoods NP, inland again to Lassen Volcanic NP, back to the coast thru wine country, then Muir Woods NM, Golden Gate, San Francisco, up the Sacramento and Merced Rivers inland to Yosemite, Kings Canyon and Sequoia Parks, back to coast and down 1 again to Hearst's Castle, inland at Santa Maria to Frazer Park and the Tejon Pass Grapevine, down from there to Ventura to visit my son, wife and granddaughters. then down the coast to my home club in Orange. From there on down to San Diego via Elsinore and then Julien and out into the Anza-Borrego... after that I will head north thru the Mojave, the Nevada, Grand Canyon and southern Utah Parks by the end of September and ????? back south for the winter, wending my way east to Georgia and Florida ????? I think the above itinerary can be accomplished in about 2 1/2 months without much strain.

May 5, 2007 -- Saturday
I spent the morning writing a page on Model T Ford Specifications and added some history links.

May 6, 2007 -- Lazy Sunday –
Tinkered with all the "T" pages... added page of pictures of the basic Model T chassis.

May 7-8, 2007
Days spent tinkering, studying and searching out backroad routes, thinking out and listing what needs doing, getting questions of insurance answered, etc... Fabricating side and rear curtains, and strongboxes for the back will be first additions. Tools and maintenance gear I already have, left over from the Goldwing tours.

May 9, 2007
We are proceeding into final stages of acquiring the financing and of sponsorship of the venture today. The banker tells me it is "Golden." In the last week, the pages on the web have drawn attention and I have received half a hundred "WOW" emails, one from as far away as Singapore .... It is gaining a momentum of its own !!!

May 10, 2007
Thinking about spare parts to carry along. Tail and sidelight bulbs, 1 set of coil points, 1 set of quick change transmission bands, tire patches, duct tape, electrical tape, some 16 gage electrical wire, baling wire... not mush else needed. Anything else can be picked up along the way. In researching tranny bands, I find that the early T's used bands with wood linings, still reputed to be the best, and longest lasting. I had not known any before except cotton lined bands. Tools, and electric tire pump I already have. And the good news is that it is a done deal!!! Dick tells me he will trailer the Lizzie up from Richland next Tuesday and we will do the final paperwork !!! On The Road Again!!!

May 11, 2007
My younger sister's birthday ... I remembered!! ... I initiated "drop dead" insurance to pay the bank note just in case ... then went to town and got an estimate to fabricate the side and rear curtains, which will take a few weeks to complete. Should be done by mid-June. Made contact with a fellow to cut the stencils.

May 12, 2007
Spent a couple of early hours reading and searching for early Ford History articles, added a couple of links. I discovered that there are 219 restored Model T's among the members of the Spokane T Club and more being restored. I then went to the barn and rolled the old Goldwing and trailer out, to get them ready to sell, to give me a "kicker" for the funding of the Barefoot National Tour, "just in case."

May 13, 2007 -- Mom's Day
Took Mom, (she will be 94 on June 1), a spray of cymbidium orchids and a box of chocolates and out to dinner.. had a grand time.

May 14, 2007 --
Made email contact with friends I will meet again along the way down to SoCal. Lots of offers of board and bed. A little anxious today to hear from Dr. Dick about ETA in Spokane tomorrow at Antique Auto Ranch, and the excitement of driving it home, and maybe driving Mom to the senior dance tomorrow night. Paid for and started insurance process so that coverage is immediate. Got a call from Dick about 4:30pm today that he willl arrive about 10:30am at Antique Auto Ranch with the T. I will be there with bells on.

May 15, 2007 --
Handled a bunch of business today, insurance, certified check for seller, got to Antique Auto Ranch about 10:45, waited until T showed...did the title and bill of sale, jawed a while, then drove the T home.She did just fine. Handling a T again was like riding a bicycle, you never forget how. Then filled the gas tank, aired the tires to 65psi, they were low, did the title transfer and registration. Went and picked up Mom in it and took her to the Senior's Dance, she was totally thrilled!!! I am pooped!

May 16, 2007 --
Sent off for Idaho "Oldtimer" license plate, never has to be renewed. Lubed the "T" and changed the oil to Mobil 1 all synthetic 5W-30W for better lubrication. Chased down some of the light problems, mostly burnt bulbs and a ground loose. Remounted the tail lights, new bolts. Replaced the bulb sockets in the side lights. Turn indicators working, but tail and running lights still not. Got maintenance supplies, polish, wax, etc. Stored the spare parts in the barn at the ranch. Took the "T" to a meeting in Rathdrum, a 20 mile round trip, nice drive just before dusk.

May 17, 2007 --
Started early, found a blown fuse. Rewired and installed fuse block left side under seat to eliminate inline fuses. Sorted out the sidelight and blinker light wiring, need to replace some wiring, getting left sidelight running light and right side blinker only. Installed new hot lead to stoplight switch, and got stoplight working. Called it a day about 6:30, showered, clean clothes and took Lizzie to a meeting, returning after dark, lights working fine, will finish the side lights in the morning.

May 18, 2007 --
Took the T to Dick's Upholstery shop in Hayden Lake early this morning to have Duane measure for the side and rear curtains. Made the 30 mile round trip in just over an hour, stopping for coffee and donut on the way back. Worked on sidelight wiring, all working now. Delivered some machined parts into Spokane with it, to show it off to a customer. Uneventful 60 mile round trip. in 2+ hours. Arrived back and was sitting at the computer maybe 30 minutes later and BANG.... front tire valve stem blew out!!! Damn lucky I wasn't on the road. Mounted the spare. Tomorrow all new tubes at Antique Auto Ranch.

May 19, 2007 --
Drizzling, went out to put the side curtains on the T, they had never been attached and need a good hot day to stretch them out, but I got a few snaps attached. Drove it into Spokane in the rain to get the new inner tubes in the tires. I figured if I am going to be on the road witih it, I might as well find out now how it will be in the rain. Not bad at all. Mike at AAR labored a bunch changing the tubes, not a fun job. Mounted them and Mike trued them on the wheels. Drove back to Cd'A for a noon meeting, gave Betty J. a ride in it, then back to the shop. T club in Spokane is having a "Safety Inspection" get together tomorrow which I will attend. Took g'nephew and buddies to the movie and picked them up about 9:30, lights working fine.

May 20, 2007 --
Drove to Club Safety Inspection at Larry's in Spokane, paid my dues and joined the Inland Empire Model T Club ... a wonderful group of people there with 22 T's to be inspected for safety, all were in good running shape, some actual museum quality cars, some just beginning restoration. Took several photos of T's lined up for inspection. My Liz had a few minor problems, missing cotterpins and a few loose screws and nuts. May have timing gear clatter. Will go to a club workshop Tuesday evening to get a definite opinion on that and to have the magneto re-magnetized. It has been a drizzly, chill day all day and I am pooped. Tremendous downpour lasting 5 minutes just as I returned to Post Falls, everything soaked.

May 21, 2007 --
Rained all day, nothing moved or done outside. Programmed the picture page. Insurance policies came in the mail.

May 22, 2007 --
Nice sunny morning. Spent most of the morning working off the gigs from the safety inspection, tightening nuts and bolts and installing cotterpins, adjusting brakes, etc. Got side curtains hot in the sun and stretched.to the snaps. Took the fan off per Tom's recommendation, A broken fan blade is a catastrophe, and the T doesn't need it. They have been running T's for years without one. I went to start the T and the 12volt system, having too much starting torque, sheared the key on the starter bendix, locking the engine tight. Went in to AAR and got bendix repaired, and bought 6 volt bulbs and a battery to return the T to 6 volts for which it was originaly designed.

May 23, 2007 --
Sunny and dried out after cloudburst yesterday agternoon. 6 volt system working. Finished installing new bendix on starter. Took the T into AAR. After about 6 tries, the magneto re-magnetized real well. I bought an aircleaner, spare band linings, nylon timing gear to quiet clatter, floorboard trim plates and some miscellaneous. Stopped by ny nephew Tim's and made a new floorboard, then gathered the camping gear together, loaded it and came back to the shop. Mike at AAR suggested I heat and bend the pedal forgings back until they are in line to give more throw on the brake and high-low pedal. Mike and I started comparing brass features, fenders, steering wheel quadrant and gearing, sidellights (converted from kerosene), unlouvered aluminum hood, etc. with Ford production data, and determined the Lizzie Hack is in fact a 1914 T.

May 24, 2007 --
Heading out for the weekend campout at Lolo Hot Springs, Montana this morning. --- Well, We didn't make it --- Cleared Coeur d'Alene at 11am, after getting gas, oil, water and flashlight batteries. Pulled 4th of July Pass, boiling going last 1/4 mile. Let it cool a little at top and filled radiator, checked oil, lots, then coasted most of the way down the grade, cooling it more, starting the engine near the bottom. Got a rod bearing clatter/knock, so ran easy to the Conoco station at the St. Maries/Roselake cutoff. Thought, briefly, about tightening the rod bearings in the Conoco lot, then decided the better thought was to pass on the campout, haul the T back to the shop and do a proper job of repair, where I have the proper tools and help. Loaded it on the tow truck, back and unloaded about 4:30, and another $120 gone ... but, mission accomplished, as part of the reason for going was to see if any problems were developing, and they did .... Oh, well!!

May 25, 2007 --
I have determined, after reading the Ford T Manual last night, that pulling the engine and doing a complete overhaul including the transmission is the best move at this time, to eliminate any more surprises and difficulties which would scuttle a road tour. I don't want to let cost get in the way of doing the job right, although cost will be a large factor on how it will be accomplished. I will discontinue the daily updates until the engine overhaul and any other needed restoration is accomplished, unless a major item of interest develops.

May 28, 2007 --
I got the engine and transmission out, on the bench and apart yesterday. Spent today cleaning all the parts, and scraping all the damn RTV off the gasket surfaces. Whoever rebuilt it last went nuts with the stuff. The cause of the breakdown was a glob of lint from worn transmission band linings plugging the oil scoop to the #2 connecting rod. The crank journal is OK. The rings, pistons, valves and rest of the engine are in great condition, no ring ridge or cylinder wear. Repair will require new band linings, fitting a new piston rod, and take up of the other main and rod bearings. I will also replace the starter ring gear which is badly worn after 93 years. Re-assembly will take a few more days. It is all part of HP's preparing Liz and I for the long haul.

May 29, 2007 --
I took the engine and transmission to the T Club workshop this evening, from 5pm to 8:30 and with the help of Gator, Tom and Mike replaced the bad connecting rod, and adjusted all the other bearings to specifications. The cylinders, pistons, rings, valves and main bearings were in perfect condition and to spec. We took one-thousandth shims out of the 3 good rods, and fitted the replaced rod to the same clearance using plasti-gage. I purchased a complete overhaul gasket set and a new starter ring gear. Re-assembly starts tomorrow. After workshop, 9 T's, their owners and I went to Mickey D's for hamburgers and coffee.

May 31, 2007 --
Yesterday removed and replaced the ring gear, not much else done, gofering all day. Today gofered all morning. Rounded up parts to make an outside oil line to the front of the engine, so lack of oiling to the front rods and mains doesn't bite me again. Welded fittings in place on the oil pan, and assembled the parts.

June 1, 2007 --
Mom's 94th Birthday!! -- I will wish Mom Happy B'day for all of you... Last Friday, at the old 2 room Pleasant View school, we had a family gathering and BBQ with 5 generations present, then Tuesday at the Senior Center dance, we had a surprise B'day celebration for her and all her long time friends there, a glorious event, with two chocolate cakes and 94 candles. She blew them all out..!! Tonight we will have a quiet family dinner. Visit Grandma's Page on the Web

Mom and Grampa, 1914
Gramp's 1913 Harley

June 6, 2007 --
Elizabeth's engine is re-assembled, new transmission band linings installed, painted pretty, ready to be mounted in the chassis. All of Lizzie's hairpins are in place... she has more damn cotter pins and tie wires holding her together ...

June 7, 2007 --

Liz's Overhauled Engine and Transmission
Ready to go back in here!

June 9, 2007 --
The engine is back in chassis, radiator, hogshead and bands installed, band springs replaced and adjusted. Will finish button-up the 10th. Polished all the brass and refinished the wood steering wheel. My ol' bod' is stiff and sore from wrassling pieces into place and wrenching hard to reach bolts. Liz is Looking Good!!!

June 12, 2007 --
Liz is all back together, checked and rechecked, engine ready to run. Yesterday in the process of checking the mare's nest of wiring added for running lights and turn indicators to make it street legal, I found that it had some serious problems, and decided to rewire it all and secure it so I don't have problems with it on the road. It will take a few days to do it right. Now is the time to eliminate potential headaches.

June 15, 2007 --
Late tonight I finished the T rewiring, all neat and tidy, and all the lighting to make it street legal. The new indicator panel that John B. made to mount the ammeter, indicator lamps and light switch looks great, much better than the old one. I ran the engine twice during the day, enough to get it tuned and heated up to about 180 degrees. It runs well and sounds good. I am satisfied it is in top shape for the national tour next month.

June 16, 2007 --
Worked on band and brake adjustments this morning, then ran into Coeur d'Alene in the afternoon to the classic and vintage "Car d'Alene" event. Bought a tarp to cover the T, as it is going to rain hard tonight. Put about 30 slow break-in miles on the car. Behaved well. Need to set the 3rd brush on the generator to get proper output current for all the lights. That is tomorrow's work.

June 19, 2007 --
The last 3 days have been a fight, getting generator off, apart, new insulation made and back together, with a number of times backing up and changing what I had done. Heated and bent the pedals into proper position and designed new floorboards to fit. Bought a new "Ford" script floor mat at Antique Auto Ranch. Tom, Mike and Mark there are all off to participate with their T's in the Montana 500 Model T Race starting in Havre, leaving Richard alone to handle the store.

June 21, 2007 --
The results of the Montana 500 are in. Congratulations to Mark Hutchinson on the win at the blazing average speed of 53.54 MPH !!! I have still been unsuccessful getting the generator to gen. I think the problem may lie in sticking brushes. The commutator is in good shape and clean. I may have to have it rebuilt at AAR when they get back from the 500. In the meantime I can drive around on the mag, using the battery only for starting.

June 23, 2007 --
I spent the last three days measuring, dimensioning, and fabricating new floor boards and correcting some of the support wood work that was beginning to come apart. It is all installed, fits nice, and covered now with a geniine "Ford Script" floormat. I took the generator in to AAR Friday. It should be done Monday, and have the proper output current. Tomorrow I will paint the floor boards and the bed of the box black. It will be an easy day, just tinkering with stuff, putting away, gathering together, etc., inventorying, cleaning and stowing camping gear, eliminating unnecessary items. I talked to Mark today. He said he had one 50 mile leg of the 500 where he averaged 61+ MPH. That is some SGREAMING T !!!

June 24, 2007 --
Painting is done, floorboards and mat installed and trimmed, a freebie remnant of grey industrial carpet fitted into the bed in back. The camber of the front axle needs to be corrected by bending the axle. Apparently 93 years of rough roads has reduced it from 3" to less than 1", making for harder steering and rapid front tire wear. Toe in and caster are fine.

June 25, 2007 --
Generator is repaired, installed and charging 10-12 amps. I called around a dozen alignment shops, none can bend the axle to set the caster. Took it into town and found a mice level slab, and with a plumbob determined that the lack of caster is equal both sides, that the problem is not a bent spindle, so a simple bending of the axle in the middle will suffice. A frame straightening rack at a body shop may be able to bend it, and gage the amount of bend with a plumbob at 1 1/2" per side.

June 26, 2007 --
Went into Spokane to locate an alignment shop to set the camber of the T front end... finally, at quitting time, I located Ray's Truck Service and made an appointment for morning. From there I went to the T club workshop.. a grand working time was had by all, and the burgers and gab after were great. The drive home was uneventful.

June 27, 2007 --
I took the T into Spokane early this am to Ray's Truck Service, and they set the camber and aligned it, no problem. They have been in business since 1915 and have the expertise to work on cars and trucks with straight axle front ends. The setting of camber reduced the steering effort required by half and it tracks so much better. Later in the day I traded an extra bulb horn to "Gator" for two spare working ignition coils. I had to tighten the reverse and low bands to climb the hill into his place near Elk, WA. I put abput 150 miles on the T today and have determined I need a much thicker high density seat cushion, because I don't have much myself.

June 29, 2007 --
Yesterday I drove to Hayden and the upholstery shop where I made the appointment to get the side and back curtains made, and got some high density foam for the seat cushion. While there I found that the back right corner post was broken. Home Depot had some nice oak to make two new rear posts. I made the new posts in my brother's barn and re-stuffed the seat cushion with the new foam. What a difference the new foam makes! This morning I fitted, installed and varnished the new posts. I find that the old posts were Honduran mahogany.as is most of the rest of the structure. The new oak posts will be much stronger and more durable The thought occurs that when the tour is complete, I will do a ground up restoration and re-make the hack structure entirely of oak, correcting some deficiencies and mis-fits I have spotted. A tremendous front and lightning storm came in about 4:30p before I could get the T tarped down.

June 30, 2007 --
Took my "drop dead" insurance policy to my brother this morning and made a wood wheel chock for safety in parking on grades. I put another coat of varnish on the new back posts, then polished all the brass and waxed everything. All that effort wore me out, so I took a long nap. Elizabeth is looking good!!

Barefoot's 1914 Ford "Tin Lizzie" Saga - 2007

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