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Getting Out - September – October 2007

September 1, 2007 --
Rolled out of camp at 6:15 to Kingman, had coffee and breakfast at MickyD's, then filled water bottles and tank. Climbing into Arizona and the beautiful grass/rangelands above 5000 feet was a delight, all still green and the temperature dropping to the 90s. Turning north to the Grand Canyon on 64 at Williams I rolled through the park from the south to east gate and on across Navaho land, filling up at Cameron .. a bad load of gas .. water and dirt somehow. I waited too long to find an real good camp spot, should have stopped alongside the creek at Tuba City. About Tsegi I finally took a dirt trail side road about a half off the highway to a flat topped mesa, making a quick dry camp in the dark. The wind had died and with a magnificent sky full of stars, I quickly fell asleep.

September 2, 2007 --
The bad gas plagued me all morning, finally stopping alongside the road to drain the sediment bowl and carburetor. By the time I reached Teec No Pas at 4 Corners the temperature was hovering above 100. I filled up and while there talking with Chet Walters of the Model T club in Hattiesburg, MS, about speaking to the club, he noticed the right rear tire was shearing the clincher bead off... a new Firestone tire... I mounted the spare and let the air out of the bad tire to keep from blowing the tube... the heat of the road or bad rubber in the tire or both???? I rolled on into Farmington. Stopping at a Checker parts store, to get some Plasti-Gage, I got directions to Ted and Jessie Swearingens, bad directions that put me on the La Plata road to Durango.... and as luck would have it, Ted and Jessie were on that road. Flagging me down, we returned to their home and had a very pleasant evening recounting old times at NCHS in Casper, and inviting all the neighbors to see the T. They invited me to stay as long as necessary. They provided me a great room and bed and I slept real well.

September 3, 2007 --
An easy morning, no hurry and a great breakfast. I ordered another pair of tires from Antique Auto Ranch to be shipped to Dumas, TX, my next major stop. Marvin, a neighbor, came by and we talked. He asked if we could take his 15 year old daughter, as a birthday present, with Ted and I to Durango to see the #315 2-8-0 narrow gage locomotive that Ted and his friends in the historical society had restored over the last three years. It is a magnificent restoration...The web site is http://www.drhs315.org, giving all the history of the 315, which will now go back in service on the Denver and Rio Grande pulling excursion trains between Durango and Silverton. Last week they lit her fires for the first time since 1949, and moved her under her own power into the roundhouse. Hank Phillips, the last fireman to fire her in 1949, placed the first scoop of coal in her firebox. He is in his high 80's and while he was firing her again, his wife stood by, tears streaming down her face, a touching moment in history. Ted and I had chili at Wendy's before returning to Farmington. The girls returned with Marvin and his father. We had a mist of rain leaving Durango arriving back in Farmington about 5pm. An all together pleasant day.

September 4, 2007 --
Ted and I went to his church group weekly morning breakfast just after 6:15. When we returned, I began experiencing bad hurts, dizziness and loss of equilibrium... we went to the VA day clinic to see if I could get a check-up, would have to go to Albuquerque for that, so we went to a local hospital emergency...After waiting 3 hours and beginning to feel better, we bagged that and returned home, me going to sleep for most of the rest of the day and night. A To Z tire mounted my other spare tire on the wheel rim, so I have a mounted spare to make it on to Dumas, TX.

September 5, 2007 --
An easy day, updating the log, checking email using Jessie's puter. Several people have asked for an address where they can make donations to this Barefoot Model T venture, so I will place an address on the top page at Donation Address

September 6, 2007 --
We had breakfast with Jessie's church group ladies, then Jessie rode with me, Ted following, to the edge of town and Hwy 64 East. We then parted and I rolled out of Farmington. I made good progress all day. Reaching Taos about 3:30, I drove to the Taos pueblo, then quickly departed to escape the press of tourists. I began looking for camp spots after Taos. Finding none I continued on up and over the Taos canyon pass and on toward Eagles Nest. I took a side road labeled 64 detour, which was a mistake, 10 miles of bad mountain road until I got back to the highway. Coming into Eagles Nest I checked out the lake access campground ..day use only. I continued up the canyon east of Eagles Nest and camped at a turnout just over the top off the road a hundred yards next to the creek. After a couple of cups of coffee and an hour watching the clouds and traffic, which was light, I sacked out about8:30.

September 7, 2007 --
Waking about 6:30 after a good restful night, after filling the water bottles, and coffee, I broke camp and rolled out about 7:30 before the sun entered the canyon. No sooner started, four Muley does crossed the highway. And a quarter mile down the road was a national forest campground! Cimarron canyon, the last bastion of the Espirito Santo Mountains before entering out onto the high plains, is a marvelous stretch of scenic road. Leaving Cimarron on hwy 58, newly chip sealed and un-marked. a herd of buffalo of about 200 head was alongside the highway, and a half mile farther was a lone old bull. The miles rolled by effortlessly through Springer and on to Dalhart, TX. Texas highways are better than any other, very well maintained. I rolled easily on the last 40 miles to Dumas, and located Randy's place. It feels good to stop for a while. Randy and I went to group meeting after getting his niece and nephew, Jake (Jakala) and Reilly, fed at McDonalds. After meeting we jacked our jaws until near midnight.

September 8, 2007 --
Waking late, and after a slow start, while Randy did some pickup work installing a double door and casement, I went to town, got a head and beard shearing, went to Wal-Mart and got a roll of shop towels and a bundle of wiping rags so I can check the rod and main bearing clearances. I also bought some vinyl letters to put the website on the tailgate. A God Thing happened at the carwash, a fellow, Rudy Gueuara, http://www.whitehorse.net, came across the street and said he had a clincher rim for the T, which I immediately bought for $10. I had been looking for one for the last two months. It is in excellent condition, unrusted, with a 30 x 3 Fisk tire still mounted, probably 60 years old. When earlier in the day I confirmed the order for the 2 tires to be shipped here to Dumas with Mike at Antique Auto Ranch, I had mentioned I needed another. Such is the way that God works. Returning to Randy's, I unloaded the T in the back yard. Later in the evening it rained a typical Texas horizontal downpour, about a 1/2 inch of water.

September 9, 2007 --
Today I got about half the brass polished after updating the log to this point. It will be cool, overcast and rainy for the next couple of days. I was planning on doing some sanding and varnishing but will postpone that. After noon it started blowing and spitting. I continued trying to polish but gave up and went inside and watched TV the rest of the day.

September 10, 2007 --
Miserable windy day in Texas, I was feeling poorly, neuralgic, so very little done.

September 11, 2007 --
Watched the Petreaus report to the Senate all day.

September 12, 2007 --
Up early, repacked the front wheel bearings, and tackled the problem of the loose spokes in the left rear wheel. I proceeded to take the wheel off and apart, working the hub out of the spokes. I called Tom at AAR to get his input and suggestions. His suggestion was application of JB weld to the hub as a shim. I went to the hardware store and got some JB Weld, took the oogah horn bracket to the welding shop to be brazed back together. On return I numbered and removed the spokes from the fellow. The tenons are badly undercut about a sixteenth. After considering means of repairing the tenons and application of the JB weld, I did not have a good feeling about it as a truly effective lasting repair. I called Tom and ordered a new set of spokes to be delivered Friday. Shortly after a thunder storm began. Getting soaked getting gear under cover we took it easy through the rest of the day. The Big Book that was inadvertently lost at Lassen Peak was received in the mail from Mike Heghey of Palo Alto in this afternoon's mail. We closed out the day about 11:30 with a bowl of excellent Braum's Chocolate ice cream.

September 13, 2007 --
Bright sunny morning. After a slow start and updating the log, waiting for the day to warm, I proceeded to drain the oil and get to the bearings to check and bring clearances to specification. Made a mess, a puddle of oil on a sheet of cardboard, but got it cleaned up. Broke the #1 bearing cap loose, and gauged the clearance, way to much, about .008. It got too hot to work in the sun, so put it down and cleaned up. We met some friends in Sunray about7:30, returning about 9:30.

September 14, 2007 --
Up about 9, and out about 10, cold wind blowing but sunny. I need to get a micrometer and a torque wrench, extension and socket. I can't see well enough to see how much shim I am removing. Adjusting the rod clearances is becoming a bigger problem than I expected working cramped under the T. Borrowed a good micrometer and torque wrench from the neighbor. A God Shot, he had everything needed. He is a master drag car builder. Finished gauging and adjusting rods about 5pm, pan cover bolted up and fresh oil. The engine sounds a lot better. UPS delivered the spokes about then from AAR. Thanks, Tom. They will be varnished and assembled tomorrow.

September 15, 2007 --
I got my act together early, and proceeded to learn how to load new spokes into a T wheel. It took me aoout 2 hours to learn how to get the last spoke in. A hammer, an old spoke and patience are the necessary tools. Took the new tires to a tire shop for mounting about 11, will be Monday. Varnished spokes first coat then had lunch with Nicole and Randy at a local cafe. Took a 2 hour nap after, then put another coat of varnish on the wheel. Wind in the Panhandle is blowing about 35 and gusting, so shut down about 5 and watched football the rest of the evening.

September 16, 2007 --
A slow starting Sunday. A drill is needed to drill the wheel hub bolt holes in the spokes. I may have to buy a cheap one. Oohgah horn bracket is repaired, brazed back together,$20.

September 17, 2007 --
Not much accomplished today. Bought a 3/8 bit, borrowed a drill motor and drilled and assembled the wheel with a .005 shim between hub and spokes. Tires did not get mounted at the tire shop until nearly 5pm. During the day a number of cloudbursts and driven rain soaked everything.

September 18, 2007 --
Sunny but soggy outside. Mounted tires on wheels. I now have 4 new tires on the ground and 2 spares mounted on rims. Took the T to the car wash. Got it wet and had a time of it getting it running again. Randy clobbered the hell out of his head on the T top getting back in the car, raising a good knot on his knob. We picked Jake and Reilly up at school at 3:30 and Randy made arrangements to have a show and tell for the kindergarten and 3rd grades tomorrow afternoon. We took the kids on a long ride out across the prairie to finally dry the T out.

September 19, 2007 --
Weather is going to gate my leaving Dumas. It looks like maybe Friday or Saturday the major weather pattern across Texas and into Oklahoma will be clear, and to Kingfisher where the great-grandparents had a farm in the late 1800's. I did some re-packing early today, getting ready to reload when it comes time. Today is the first opportunity to get on the web since arriving in Dumas. We went to the school about 2:30 and had the head start kids, 4 year olds, the kindergarten, 5 year olds and the 3rd graders from then until 3:30 asking questions, honking the horns, setting in the back and driver's seat having a grand time. A reporter from the local paper photographed the occasion and Randy took about 25 photos with my camera. I checked them out, not bad, but not real good resolution from my cheeeep camera. It started raining about that time, and we returned to Randy's. It cleared up about 5 and the sun came out bright. Randy went out and cut the lawn. Pulling weeds under the mailbox, he raised up and clobbered himself again, drawing a little blood.

September 20, 2007 --
Spent the morning making CDs of Barefoot's World and several other CDs for Randy. Picked up Jake and Reilly at school. Sorted through the stuff I have been carrying along and eliminated some. Not much else happened.

September 21, 2007 --
Woke late, kids late for school. I took them about 9:30 in the T. Sanded and varnished the tailgate. I static balanced the front wheels and adjusted the wheel bearings again to try to eliminate the low speed wobble, which seems to have helped. Right front took 6 ounces and the left took 3 ounces to balance. The king pins have some looseness, pins and bushings will need to be replaced when I get back home. I refilled the Ruckstell with oil. After the tailgate varnish dried I put "BAREFOOT 1914 MODEL T NATIONAL TOUR" and "WWW,BAREFOOTSWORLD.NET" on the tailgate with 2" decals I got at WalMart. I finally put a proper address for donations to be sent to on the Barefoot's World and Model T pages. Took the T to meeting tonight, balancing the wheels has eliminated 95% of the wobble.

September 22, 2007 --
First day of Fall. Showered and washed clothes. Started loading my gear in the T for takeoff tomorrow. Took Nicole, Jake and Rielly to Albert's for breakfast and then we went east of Dumas 35 miles to Lake Merideth to let them enjoy the wind and feed popcorn to the geese and carp at the marina. Coming back, the wind was behind us and the T boiled a couple of times. I only had a gallon of water. We got some more at a construction site and made it on into Dumas, after taking off the hood to let it run a little cooler. Nicole was an hour late to her night work. I will finish loading in the morning, leaving out about noon.

September 23, 2007 --
Sunday morning, weather pattern east ;ppls gppd/ Finished loading the T by 11:00. Filled water bptt;es, checked oil and water, all OK. Nicole fixed us a late breakfast. Then said goodbyes, I am going to miss Randy, Nicole, Jake and Reilly. Filled up leaving Dumas on TX152 to Pampa then US60 into Oklahoma. Filled again at Arnett, OK, athen rolled on about 10 miles to an aabandoned motel. Jason and Gwen came around in front where I parked and we talked for an hour until dark. Jason runs a Salt Water Disposal plant behind the motel property and is a Model T buff. I spread my bed roll alongside the T and sacked out. About 3am it started to drizzle and I finished the night inside the motel office which Jason had opened.

September 24, 2007 --
Up at daybreak, rolled up the gear, made coffee and was on the road as the sun came up, right in my eyes for the first 20 minutes. Oklahoma is beautiful, compared to Texas, green everywhere and well manicured along the highways. I had a brunch at Braum's in Guthrie. Arriving at Kingfisher about 11, I went to the County Clerk's offices and tried to locate the Stalnaker farm, no luck, no records available before 1890. I filled up again as I turned onto US177 heading south. Still averaging 25mpg. Proceeding on to Shawnee and beyond, I pulled off at the Tecumseh exit to a Station Mini-Mart. A very nice lady, Jackie, had been following me to get pictures and talked for the better part of an hour. I got back on 3W East and rolled about 10 miles to a mowed highway easement and in behind trees 100 yards off 3W. Bob Whitley, the adjacent farmer who had mowed it for hay visited me. I made camp, then adjusted the bands before sunset. I have been hearing another rod knock and maybe a main, which I will adjust in the morning. Set up a tarp leanto and sacked out about 10.

September 25, 2007 --
A light drizzle during the night. I took the pan cover off, and proceeded to check bearing clearances, took .002 out of 3. then in checking 4 found that the con-rod bolt was striped. Ah ha. About that time it began to thunder, so I set up the tent and got stuff out of the rain just in time. It rained hard for about 2 hours. I then walked a 1/4 across the road to ask for help from Bob ...wrong Bob .. Montgomery. Waited a couple of hours talking with his step-daughter Jamie until he got home. His wife Anita took me to Gary Smith's G & P Street Rods shop about 2 miles up tje road at St. Louis, OK. and Gary made me two new bolts from socket head cap screws. He builds beautiful replica rods, just finished a gorgeous Deuce roadster. Gary took me back to the T at dusk. I made dinner and sacked out.

September 26, 2007 --
Started on the T about 8:30 after sun up. Finished getting the bolts in #4 and all tightened and pinned, cover back on and hand cranked it over, stiff, and sprung my lower back. It damn near killed me. I laid down for a couple of hours. On getting the T running it had the damnedest clatter I had ever heard. The only thing I could think was happening was the bolts were too long and striking the bottom pan cover. After long consideration, I determined the my best bet was to drive it to Gary's and wait for his return from Texarkana three days hence. It took me 3 hours to tear down and load gear on the T. I drove up to Gary's, clattering like mad, 10 mph, easy as I could, not knowing the real nature of the problem. No one was there, so I laid down in the shade, easing the pain in my back. Unexpectedly Gary came in about 5pm. He removed the pan cover, no witness marks from the bolts. HUH? After checking everything again we determined that it was rod end play clatter. Torqueing the new bolts had set the cap different and was causing the rod end to clatter back and forth. In running the engine until it boiled, the clatter diminished some. Gary recommended I get som Lucas oil stabilizer. As it was his church night, I got back on the road and in Ada bought some Lucas, put half a quart in. Proceeding down the road about 10 miles, sounding better all the time, I asked a farmer if I could throw out my bed roll in his field. No problem, directing me to an unlocked field gate. I immediately crashed, my back screaming. A half hour later, he, Mike, his wife, Judy, and daughter, Katelyn arrived, bringing me some chili and iced tea. We alked some and Katelyn took photos. I was asleep within 20 minutes after they left.

September 27, 2007 --
I drove out early, about 8am, and added the rest of the Lucas about noon as it was sounding better with each mile. Entering Arkansas about 2, I drove on to a campsite behind a volunteer firehouse beyond Washington. It was a clear night but the dew was heavy by morning.'

September 28, 2007 --
Slowly out of the sack about 7:30 and on the road by 8:30 after sunup. I drove down excellent roads to Camden and on to Eldorado, into town on Main St. turned south a block to Bussie's service station and found out that the 8th annual Arkansas Traveler convention/roundup is getting started in Eldorado. Higher power determined that I need to take a day or two off. I registered for the roundup at the municipal auditorium and spent the day and evening meeting and sharing with the folks there until after the night-owl meeting about 11pm. Catfish fry, hush-puppies and all the great pot-luck food a person could eat. I made camp after at the Champagnolle Recreation center a mile or two away by 11:15, sacked out and slept well.

September 29, 2007 --
Broke camp by 7:30 and back at the auditorium by 7:45. Discovered this morning that the rear running lights and tail light are not working. Fuses are OK, must be a loose wire. After searching half the day, I finally found the problem, a broken wire inside a squeeze splice. Blinkers and all running lights are now working. I cleaned up, putting on clean clothes just before dinner was served at the roundup. After dinner I went to Wal-Mart and got some Aleve for my back and filled with gas for takeoff tomorrow noon south toward Louisiana.

September 30, 2007 --
Broke camp and to roundup by 8:30. Had coffee and donuts, waited to say goodbye to all, especially Doug from Tujunga, and left at 10:45. Made my way to Crossett, Arkansas, and stopped to get some gear lube. Two fellows, Jason and J.W. came to talk and look at the T. Jason noticed the muffler had dropped down. We went to his shop and re-welded and hung it. While he was under the car he noticed a gas leak, and fixed that too.. I had dinner with Jason and his family and sacked out on their patio. My back gave me fits, did not get to sleep until about 1:30 after t aking another Aleve.

October 1, 2007 --
I woke about 7, had breakfast, said goodbye and thanks to Jason and J.W, and was on the road by 8. Crossed into Louisiana about 9 and at Mer Rouge a gal named Amy gave me directions to get on down 133 to US92. Taking 82 to Mississippi, I crossed the river on the I20 bridge and made my way to Brandon. Somewhere along the rough stretch of US 82 coming into Brandon, the right headlight bezel and lens fell off and got run over in traffic. Maybe I can get another when I get to Hattiesburg??? Calling Randy's dad's chiropractic clinic, I arrived there north of Brandon after getting lost 3 times. Dr. "Chuck" Mathews gave me treatment and then after he closed the office took me to a campground a 1/4 mile away, then to his home for hamburgers and company, then back to the campground. I threw out my bed roll and was asleep quickly. BUT....about4:30 I was awake, ants had found their way into my bed and pants...DAMN... I got up and showered and put on clean clothes, then back to bed.

October 2, 2007 --
The ants woke me again about 6. I rolled up my gear, made coffee, and waited for the camp office to open. Found out there was a laundry at the back of the office, so I went to the local mini-mart got some Tide and quarters to do my laundry. The office was open when I returned and I paid for the night. The maintenance man sprayed the camp spot for ant in case I stay another night. Laundry finished about 9:45. I will have lunch with Chuck at 12:30, get his recommendation about further treatment. The camp has WiFi so I uploaded this log and other web changes. I have been having trouble checking my Yahoo email, it won't let me in. Chuck x-rayed me, everything is straight. He gave me ultra-sound and electro-stim treatments and we went to his home for dinner, returning to camp about 9.

October 3, 2007 --
Ii rolled out of camp about 8:30 headed for Hattiesburg and Brooklyn to meet with Chet Smith and JoAnne Russell, whom I had met at 4 Courners, and the local T people there, making contact about noon. We went to Their place, talked and yakked, then went to dinner. I slept in their RV.

October 4, 2007 --
Chet and Jo took their great grandson to ride the train from Hattiesburg to Meridian and back. I slept and rested my back all day. We had dinner when they returned. My back has me near incapacitated and I went down early.

October 5, 2007 --
Chet put me in contact with Dan Rasch in Gulfport and he thinks he has a rim and lens. We said our goodbyes and I rolled by 9. I was to meet Dan at the swap meet / car show in D'Iberville, found a car show and swap meet at the Coliseum, parked the T in the median so Dan could see it, waited until 3, found out I was in West Biloxi, not D'Iberville . I got directions, made my way to D'Iberville, and was quickly adopted by he folks of the Magnolia State Model T Club, especially Ray and Katherine Harper. Dan had left, but returned with a steel rim and a lens. The rim needs de-rusting.. When the show closed down at 5, Ray and Katherine took me to dinner. Returning, I laid out my bed roll between the T and their RV.

October 6, 2007 --
Waking at 6, Ray greeted me with a cuppa. I left my bed roll under the tarp. I mostly sat all day while Ray, VP of the club and organizer of the volunteers from the club, hustled around. The muffler hanger strap broke when I crossed the tracks on 49 in Gulfport before I got to US 90. One of the members took me to NAPA in his 1914 Raceabout. It is highly modified, with headers and disc brakes, but still a T. I replaced the hanger then sat and talked with a scad of people looking at the T's the rest of the day. Dan brought me another nearly new 6 volt battery that someone had given him. I will be able to series/parallel it and have 12 or 6 volts on the T for difficult starts and to power the computer. I will rig that after I get to Bruce's in Miramar. After the show closed at 5, we waited around until 6:30 then went to the Port O' Call catfish house where the club volunteers gathered for dinner. I spoke briefly with them and one of the ladies made a motion that the club make a donation of $200 to the Barefoot tour. It was most gratefully accepted. And will be noted. Returning to the show grounds I sacked out about 9:30 after dragging my bed roll under the pavilion as it was starting to drizzle.

October 7, 2007 --
We woke a little later this morning but proceeded to get things rolled up and loaded after coffee. The local Ocean Springs newspaper editor came and interviewed me and took pictures. I headed for Mobile and the Harper's place about 10, ahead of Ray and Katherine. They caught up with me about 5 miles before the turnoff from I-10 west of Mobile and led me in. We visited a while, had lunch, and I slept on their sofa for a couple of hours, as my back was really pinging me. Ray got out his '23 T Touring and '23 Roadster Pickup, both beautiful cars in top shape. His '14 Touring is in the garage, with the engine apart. It too is in beautiful condition. Ray has sheds and barn full of T parts and pieces. We went to dinner and met with Dave and Bud at a local seafood place nearby, then watched TV until bed time. I went to bed about 9. I could not get of the bed without spiking my back, so about 2:30 moved to the sofa.

October 8, 2007 --
Ray and I had coffee and started the day. Joe came over and I showed them how to repair a vacuum tank on his 1927 Durant. It was full of scale and rust. I rolled out about noon making it to a camp spot a few miles east of Marianna. I proceeded to change the oil and added another quart of Lucas. It makes a difference. It was a quiet night after about 9pm under a beautiful star lit night, although a little damp from dew.

October 9, 2007 --
I woke an hour early, made coffee, sat and waited for daybreak, was loaded and on the road at sun up at 7, rolling all day on US 90 across Alabama and the Florida panhandle through magnificent shading magnolias, live oaks, and pine woods, moss hung and serene, with very little traffic. Some where along, about three hours out I had another rimcut blowout, one of the new tires. I changed it quickly with the help of a local fellow Jim who stopped to help and have his blinkers on to warn traffic. He took the tire, the tube and that wore out too thin to grind back rim to dispose of them. I stopped at a Wal-Mart and bought a new camp stpve Ibupropen, batteries and coffee. I missed my turn south at Lake City, turning south on FL229 and 16 to Starke and US 301. I met with friends at 7, and Leah offered a bed and shower. We spent until midnight showing her the Barefoot's World web pages and I sacked out on an air mattress in the middle of the living room floor. She stayed on the computer and read for another 2 1/2 hours.

October 10, 2007 --
My back is considerably better this morning. With the computer plugged in to AC, I updated the log for the past 5 days, got a shower, and rolled out about 10:30. Headed south down the middle of Florida on 301 and US 27 all day, at the junction of US 27 and US 98, slowing down with compression braking, a bearing gave out. I made it across the intersection into a Citco Station and parked at the back of the building in the grass. The problem – the lower petcock had rattled open and the engine lost oil. I was given permission by the manager to park and spend the night, and to work on the engine as necessary. About 5:30, exploring options, I walked to the front of the store. I asked the manager if there were a rental yard for a car trailer and car to haul it to Bruce's in Miramar. The fellow he was talking to, Jeff, said he had a trailer and would be glad to haul me and the T. I called Bruce to let him know I was headed his way. I was still exploring options so Jeff said to call early in the morning, about 7:30. I made camp and slept well, although there was a heavy dew and a number of big rigs came and went. During one period of awake, I made the determination that the ONLY smart thing for me to do was haul to Bruce's where I would have a base of operation, transportation if needed and help and support.

October 11, 2007 --
I called Jeff and he came by about 8:30 and made arrangements. He got the trailer, his son Brent and another fellow came with cable winches and helped load the T, and we headed out about 10:30. We arrived at Bruce's about 2:30, and unloaded. I paid Jeff the agreed upon $250 for the 175 mile haul. We talked a while, then Jeff went back north. Bruce and I went inside and talked a while, until I fell asleep in the recliner, waking in time for a 5:30 meeting. We ate at Denny's after. I worked at trying to get on the web until 10, then went to bed, worn out.

October 12, 2007 --
I got Bruce's wireless net working, got on the web, and updated this log. I spent most of the day searching out parts that may be needed, contemplating the course of action to be followed, so that I don't screw up anything, locating needed tools, etc. . Also I spent a lot of time cleaning out a virus in the computer. I am still not able to access my email from this computer, something wrong in the Verizon/Yahoo browser. Back is getting better, but still not good. Bruce and I went to a late meeting, returning about 10:30.

October 13, 2007 --
It rained during the night and weather forecast for the next week has rain and thunder storms every day. I boought a set of digital calipers to measure the rod journals. Later, with the help of Bruce's son Erik and his sons we ot the engine ready to take out. Erik borrowed a cherry picker and we got it assembled by dark. Bruce and I went to meeting.

October 14, 2007 --
I had a bad night, back. It became obvious that it would be easier to get the engine out with the hogshead off, so I pulled the starter and Eric did the hogshead bolts and lifted it off. We got the engine out finally and on the ground where I can work on it, by about 10am. We took the pan and head off. The babbitt flange of #1 Had disintegrated.

October 15, 2007 --
I ordered parts from Antique Auto Ranch, 4 new rods and gasket set, 2 new brass rims for the headlights, and miscellaneous, $300 worth and got a $400 money order to send to them. My back is worse so made a 3pm appointment to go to the chiropractor, Dr. Ted Berger, here in Miramar. I was there for 3 1/2 hours, 4 sets of x-rays, Electro-stim, ultra-sound and bio-freeze treatment and sent home with an appointment tomorrow.

October 16, 2007 --
We piddled with the engine, couldn't do much. Mostly sat around. More x-rays, and a radiologist found a cracked T12-L1 vertebra. Same treatment as yesterday, with a very gentle adjustment, mot much help. Dr. Ted made an appointment with a osteopath for 10 in the morning. Back to the porch and sat quietly the rest of the day.

October 17, 2007 --
Woke early about 6:30, back aching. Was able to get up and dressed without too much pain and went and sat on the porch or hobbled around until about 8:30 when Bruce woke. I then updated this log, will add more when I get back from the doctor. Funds are strained. Sent Tony my account number so he can make a deposit. Went to bone doc at 10am, got examined and he had me make an appointment for an MRI, Sunday at 12:45, needs to have a clear image of the T12-L1 area. Went to chiro at 3pm for more treatment, it is helping somewhat. I slept in the lounge chair the rest of the afternoon, woke at 5:45 and waited for Bruce to return from his cancer survivor's group meeting. Maybe tomorrow we will get some work done on getting the T engine ready to go back together, and maybe polish some brass.

October 18, 2007 --
Started the day slow. Aligned the headlights, now looking straight down the road instead of cross-eyed. Polished brass, removed rods from pistons, scraped carbon from pistons, and old gasket material off. Cleaned the babbitt pieces from the pan and did other general maintenance. Undid the steering gear and pulled it back out of the way. It all should be ready to go back together when the parts arrive. Barb fixed a fine meatloaf dinner, then Bruce did his volunteer police work as a "Citizen Volunteer Patrol Officer." I sacked out about 8:30.

October 19, 2007 --
I didn't take any pain pills during the night and am now able to turn over in bed without too much discomfort. After coffee, I went out to work on the T in the "cool of the morning" which isn't so cool, the humidity is so oppressive. Work stopped about 10am for the day, about 2” of rain in two different fronts coming through. About the only thing done was Bruce polished the bulb horn as we sat on the porch watching the rain come down.

October 20, 2007 --
It rained all night, soaked outside. Steve Florence of the Sunny T's of South Florida said he would be by today, with an older member, Sylvio, who has restored a number of T’s. They brought me a needed glaze breaker hone and a pair of ring compressors. They took me to lunch and to see Sylvio's 1915 Coupe in Ft. Lauderdale. It is a museum piece and a driver. When they brought me back to Miramar, Steve made a donation to the Barefoot Tour from the Sunny T's, which is much needed and much appreciated. Shortly after they left, the skies opened up again, another 2 – 3 inches of rain.

October 21, 2007 --
It may not rain today, early clouds up high. I queried Steve if Sylvio coud bring his magnet charger by to re-magnetize the magneto. I went for the MRI to take at 12:45 today. They could only do about half of the MRI series as a doctor must be present to give the injections necessary as I am over 60 and I need to get blood lab work done .... so I am scheduled again a week from Monday... as far as I am concerned a total screw up ... damn....damn.... If it is clear tomorrow I will attempt to fit mains as needed, hone the cylinders, and continue getting ready for re-assembly...... My back has given me fits today since getting off the MRI table, sapping all my get up and go.

October 22, 2007 --
Got mains checked, .0015-.002 clearance and re-torqued. Used the jack to lift the engine and get it better supported. No luck with civilian doctors getting set up for blood work so MRI can be completed, so went to VA and registered. Appointment Wednesday. Spent rest of day reading and planning options of what to do next. No real conclusion can be made until results of MRI are known. Received copies of newspaper articles in the Ocean Springs and Mobile papers from Ray Harper.

October 23, 2007 --
Cactus blooms this morning at Bruce's front porch, 8" diameter white blooms, nice. Tracked parts on UPS, parts are in Hollywood, a few miles away, this morning. Projecting results of MRI, if it shows that the vertebra is indeed fractured and that surgery is required, then the T will have to be stored, and I will fly back to Idaho to have it done. Bruce will be undergoing chemo-therapy this coming week and must be isolated as it will weaken his immune system. Therefore I must seek out another place to land and set up camp. A whole lot of IF's. Parts arrived from AAR via UPS about 2:30. Now reassembly can start in earnest. It is hot and muggy out, 90 and 90, sweaty and clear. I got the rods and pistons re-installed before sundown, all bearings set to .001 -002 clearance, engine rolls over easy.

October 24, 2007 --
Rained again during the night, bright and clear this morning. I have an appointment at VA this morning. I was quite impressed by the service and the doctor there. I received flu and pneumonia shots, and blood tests so the MRI can be completed. We stopped by the chiropractor for a report of the radiologist on the x-rays taken. It appears that I have 3 vertical fractures of vertebra and other problems. We will know more after the MRI. I was not able to get the pan and head on as the way it is blocked on the ground would not allow it. It is gasketed and ready to mount. Steve was not able to come to re-magnetize the magneto. He called and will try to make it tomorrow. Bruce and I went to a meeting of “old-timers,” which I really enjoyed.

October 25, 2007 --
The morning is overcast. I proceeded early to sand rust from the head and scrape out carbon from the combustion chamber, to make some sort of progress until Eric shows with the cherry picker. We got the cherry picker set up about 12:30 and had the engine in the chassis by 1:30, Eric doing most of the grunt work. By sundown we had most of the engine parts remounted and torqued. Bruce helped me get the steering gear back in place. I dropped a nut into the transmission pan, and we lost an hour getting it out, until I thought of a rag sweep tied into the magnets to bring it back out, which Eric implemented with success. Also a little time getting the front wishbone ball back in place, but a little prying of the front axle finally accomplished that too. Steve and Sylvio showed up about 7:30 and Steve re-magnetized the magneto in an hour while Sylvio and I swapped info and watches. It started to drizzle and Bruce held an umbrella over Steve’s back while he worked. The magnets now have a good charge. Steve discovered a crack in the low gear drum. After goodbyes they left about 8:30. I am worn out, dirty, but very satisfied with today’s progress. Eric and I should be able to finish the work and have Elizabeth running tomorrow.

October 26, 2007 --
Well, Good Ol’ Charlie did it again, screwed up my plans for this morning. It rained hard during the night, 2”, the tarp covering the engine blew loose and everything is wet. At daybreak it was overcast, and continuing to drizzle through the morning. Bruce and I went to the hospital gym about noon for his physical rehabilitation, and had a good lunch in the hospital cafeteria, returning about 2pm. Still a heavy drizzle. It stopped about 4pm, Eric came and we got the controls hooked up, the radiator and hood on before it started again.

October 27, 2007 --
Clear and warm this am. Things remaining to be done, install the bands, hogs head and starter, hook up gas line to carburetor, check the wiring, final adjustments. Eric and his sons, Garrett and Nicholas, showed to help about 10am and got the hogs head installed. Bruce polished brass again. Then about 11am Steve came down from Boynton Beach to help, installing the bands and remainder of things needing to be done to get the T running. That happened about 4:30, running well, but with a leak in the exhaust manifold. There is no living way I could have accomplished all the work without their help.. I salute each of you and thank you for your lives. I hope the some day, some way, I will be able to return your kindnesses. Except for the manifold leak, the T sounds great. We rode the T to meeting and it was cause for much comment and interest.

October 28, 2007 --
It was clear this morning, so Bruce and I took the T to the Greek restaurant for breakfast. It rained an hour or two from 8:30, coming clear about 11:30. Eric came over about 1pm and we tried for 2 hours to get the exhaust leak sealed against a standard gasket with no luck. I will install the bronze rings in the morning, that Tony and I made in Idaho, as light ran out and it is drizzling again. We were able to go for a ride taking the boys to Wendy’s for hamburgers and Frosties.

October 29, 2007 --
Not drizzling this morning. Bruce and I had success getting the exhaust leaks stopped using the bronze rings. All checks out well. We went to VA for blood test results for MRI Wednesday. We located a club for me to hang out in. I will hang out in the area and wait for the results of the MRI for the next few days, before making a decision which way to head and what to do. Bruce made a video slide show of the Model T Repair Saga here alongside Bruce’s house and in the drive.

October 30, 2007 --
My back hurt all night long, more than any time this past 2 weeks, must be the pressure change of tropical storm Noel working its way up the coast. I unloaded the back of the T and re-stowed the camping gear. I can now roll out whenever necessary. Looking at the map, when I leave the Miramar area, I will roll north to Boynton Beach to visit with Steve, and then north inland to Palatka to visit with Murf, continuing to St. Augustine and friends there. From there north to St. Marys, GA to Ken and Rachel’s. When Barbara returned from her gym session we went for a ride around town. For most of the rest of the day we sat and watched the wind from T.S Noel blow.

October 31, 2007 --
Up at 6:30, getting ready to go get the MRI at 9am. It rained some during the night, Noel moving slowly up the coast. Got the MRI and took the film to the Dr., and consulted with him about the next courses of action. After reading the radiology report and a quick view of the MRI films, he recommended that the back pain is secondary and that what was seen in my lung take priority. I stopped by the club after, dried out a little as I was hit by a squall on the way, soaked, then set up an appointment with the doctor at the VA. Bruce and I went to dinner at Denny’s then to the club and the Wed meeting. Trip plans are changing. I will leave out in the morning.

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